May 12, 2016

Take a Chance on Her—She Will Take a Chance on You.


Maybe it’s the way she always has one foot out the door, ever on the lookout for the nearest exit.

Maybe it’s the way her hair is long and messy, a meadow-like ode to brilliant gusts of wind.

Maybe it’s how she constantly looks nervously over her shoulder, struggling to trust anyone completely.

Maybe it’s that mischevious glint in her eyes, the way entire cosmos seem to swirl in her irises like choppy seas, the way her crescent moon smile brings an epiphany of love to any moment.

But how could she be captured in words—how can anyone be described in mere stacks of sentences? Yet, we can’t help but try.

Maybe it’s how she’s open, free, so fantastically friendly—and yet somehow so closed off, guarded at the very same time—a slight tightness in her posture, a small, secretly tense part of her that’s like a tiny pink rosebud, tucked elegantly behind her slightly pursed lips.

Maybe it’s how she looks quickly away if you gaze at her too long, fearing you’ll see right through her, like the way she can see right through you.

Maybe it’s how she seems innately intriguing, hard to pin down, mysterious, painfully shy, even—but more powerful than anyone you’ve ever met before.

And you could easily write her off, you could so easily justify the intensity she ignites in you as lust or foolish tidbits of fantasy—but you can’t shake the feeling that you just have to know this luscious lady. You can’t shake the feeling that this could be something very real.

What is it about her?

Something mystical. Something timeless about her skin that’s best left unspoken—no love poem could touch the strong magic she’s made of, no moonlit serenade could describe the bouquet of wild beauty woven into her being, the glint of intuitive knowing that dances across her face like a comet.

And yes, she scares you, right down to the core of your being.


Take a chance on her—she will take a chance on you.

She is a goddamn powerhouse of a woman.

She smells like challenge, fire and stardust. She tastes like Madagascar vanilla, ginger and succulent, sun-ripened strawberries. She laughs in radiant melodies, like the sun after it rains, and dances like lush tree limbs swaying in the warmest gusts of wind.

She is complicated.

Her past isn’t pretty, but it’s made her so beautiful.

She’s taken a golden hammer to all the broken pieces of her heart and arranged them into a constantly exploding mosaic, an ever-evolving art project, that she now proudly calls her life.

You could be a part of that mosaic.

But she comes with a warning, a daring promise perhaps—she is not gonna be easy. Or simple. She is no subtle little kitten of a thing and she’s not strung of baby-doll smiles, whipped cream saccharine sweetness and lace. She won’t accommodate you. There’s cardamom and outspoken fierceness and cayenne coursing through her blood. There’s sweat and fire on the tip of her tongue. She’s raw, substantial—a woman of many marbled layers.

And this gentle goddess, this lioness lady, she will challenge you—she will shake the branches of your beliefs like the breath of fresh air she is. She will look directly into your eyes and scare the living daylights out of you, in the most deliciously unexpected ways imaginable.

Take a chance on her. She will take a chance on you.

She sure as hell isn’t perfect, and she sure as hell doesn’t expect you to be perfect—after all, she doesn’t need a falsely flawless superhero of a lover—but she does expect you to be growing. Constantly evolving. Working on your sh*t. Facing your darkness gently. Peeling wide open your heart.

She will do the same.

For she is still struggling, learning, rising, becoming, unfolding, deeply immersed in the salty seas of her gritty journey—and sometimes she’ll get distant, pulling far, far away. You’ll look at her and think she’s a million miles from earth. You’ll look at her and wonder if she even cares about you at all.

She does.

Be patient with her. Hold space for her.

She has spent her whole life holding space for others—sometimes being their punching bag, always being the girl that everyone else could lean on—and now, all she dreams about is a lover who could be there for her. A lover who she could lean on sometimes.

She doesn’t trust easily, maybe her heart has grown wary, slightly suspicious from all the tough sh*t she’s faced. Maybe she’ll erect barriers bigger than brick buildings. Maybe, like a lush vine, you’ll have to slowly climb her walls and catapult gently over the sharp, rocky tops of her broken edges.

So do it.

Fight for her heart. Tell her that you want her. Be there—with all you are—with all your heart.

And see how in your juiciest, gentlest, fiercest presence—her walls slowly dissolve into dust and scatter like fireflies into the night sky. See how she blooms in your arms like a wild rose, one velvety petal at a time, never rushed. See how her fear melts away when you cup her face and kiss her, worries morphing into a smile, a smile just for you—a smile that makes your whole world blossom from winter to spring.

It will all be worth it.

Take a chance on her—she will take a chance on you.

Love her, with every bone, muscle and fiber in your body. Cherish her. Don’t even think about holding back or hiding. Because this could be the love that makes you believe in love again—in life again, in hope again—in wild, gossamer dreams again. This could be the love that transforms you completely. Adore her, with absolutely everything you’ve got.

In return, she will love you in a rich, multifaceted way that leaves no part of your heart untouched.

She will kiss your jeweled darkness and make tender love to your pain, dripping her kindness like amber-colored honey into the parts of you that you once thought no one could love. She will love those parts the most.

She will tickle your joy with the feather of her laughter and bring you down to your knees with a gurgling fountain of stardust-laced inspiration and truth.

She will challenge your bullsh*t and touch you so gently, so softly, tracing her fingertips along your broken edges with so much heart that it makes you weep.

She is unafraid to journey inside you. She is unafraid to experience every damn part of you—the pretty parts, the gritty parts, the sweet parts, the wild, roarin’ freaky-deaky parts. She wants all of you.

Take a chance on her. She will take a chance on you.

Together you can braid this love into heart-stopping beauty—but not just pretty, fluffy romantic rose petal beauty. Beauty with purpose and spirit-driven passion. Beauty that can paint the world in dripping shades of softness, fire, awakening and vivid tangerine dreams. Beauty that can infuse the earth with art and truth, one lip smackin’ kiss at at time.

If you’re looking for something real—something that will weave its way into every pore of your quivering soul, something that will wake you the f*ck up—look no further than her twinkling eyes.

Look no further than her watermelon-infused lips, her magnolia blossoming hips, her alchemical soul.

This could be the epic love story of a lifetime. It could be the love that makes you believe in love again—in life again, in hope again—in wild, gossamer dreams again. This could be the love that transforms you completely.

So what the hell are you waiting for?

Take a chance on her.

She will take a chance on you.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Pierre Lognoul

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