May 23, 2016

You & Me. {Poem}


it’s you and me—

dancing on Saturn’s rings

making out in the pouring rain

you kiss me, melting your lips into mine like wax and honey

you consume me,

as i consume you

two dancing flames, two searching souls

thirsty only for each other

burning bright, but steady kerosene, never running out.

so follow me

to the hell depths of Pluto

dance with me in the mud and sh*t and terrible roughness that life can sometimes be


rise with me to the milky way mountaintops of euphoria

smile with me and ascend to sublime beauty,

to the pillowed, nectar mouth of heaven itself

and fall down with me, too—

catch me, as i’m catching you.

burn with me

learn with me

love with me

transform rapidly with me too,

let’s fly through the cosmos at a thousand f*cking miles an hour

as i weave my fingers through endless streams of stars, as you caress my hot cheek with poetry.

you are the only one who can keep up with me—

and you egg me on, accelerate me, challenge me, make me go faster—and slower—when i need to.

so walk with me to the aching edge of ecstasy

dance with me on the volcanic, throbbing pulse of molten screaming, scorching Mars,

run with me through spinning tornados, sh*t storms and the unimaginable beauty,

the unexpected quivering chaos of existence itself.

yes, darling, it’s safe to show me your shadows, scars, love and pain,

like colliding cell shooting star parts of you

rip yourself open

reveal it all—the treasure, the truth, the terror,

i want to taste all that you are.

i need you,

only you

and me.

you are the only one brave enough to walk with me,

so let’s f*cking go, let’s step into this endless story

first stop: the spitting hot lava pages behind my eyes,

the mysteriously worded ruby oceans of your glimmering heart.

so sear into me with your unashamed gaze

make love to me like the sun is melting into the trees

but hotter than that

louder than that

gentler than that

merge with me, utterly unforgettably, completely

let’s become a poem

fused together by the permanent ink of all the right words.

so touch me like a soft mango lavender sunset, don’t miss any of my ever-shifting clouds,

see me as i change and grow and ripen, right in front of you.

open me, rip open my outer shell like a succulent in the Sahara desert

and let my aloe vera heart drip out,

set free

by your hands,

set free,

as my heart drizzles yours

with the powerful truth


you and me.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Jordan Deja

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