June 12, 2016

24 Unique Yoga Instagrammers we should Follow Immediately.

I’ve recently become a total Instagram addict.

Snapping pretty pictures and editing them has become my new favorite pastime, and I find it calming and inspiring to scroll through beautiful photographs and to get a peek into the adventures, gardens, travels, meals, artistic creations and fitness routines of people all over the world.

There is a passionate, thriving community of yoga enthusiasts on Instagram, and I find so much inspiration in the diversity and creativity of these yogis, their practices and how they photograph their lives. If I ever feel lazy or too down on myself to go to class, I look to a variety of accounts for motivation. They show me that yoga is for everyone, everywhere and that, yes, I really can do it too.

These 24 yoga Instagrams are my favorite because they destroy every stereotype and demonstrate a wide variety of uniquely beautiful bodies and spirits:

Monkeymix—Dawn Sora Moore: paddle boards, puppies and yoga retreats in The Phillippines.

Nolatrees—Dana Falsetti’s Instagram was recommended to me by several people, and once you see her pictures, you’ll understand why. Her photography is crisp and creative, and her confidence is contagious. I love the self-assurance that shows in every portrait and I especially love that she eats cupcakes!

Jess_ChinFong—Jessica Chin Fong is a Latina yoga teacher in South Florida who brings a playful, spiritual approach to her practice. Her braids are adorable and I especially like her acro pictures. The best thing Jessica ever taught me was to “make a nice face.”

Trudesire88—Chris is a regular, everyday, ordinary guy who does a lot of yoga in the library. I especially enjoy his captions.

HeidiYogi—Heidi Z. is an amputee who is currently battling cancer, but that doesn’t keep her off her mat for long. This woman is the very definition of strength.

Yulady—Yulady Saluti describes herself as a Colombiana Mom of 6 and she’s a breast cancer survivor!

Spritesoren—Soren divides her time between Florida and Chicago and I love her really bright, artistic photos of lovely poses in front of striking graffiti murals.

Yogimemes—Yogimemes is your main source for all memes and photos that are hilarious and yoga related. This account cracks me up daily.

Rashidatboston—Rashidat is becoming more of who she really is, and I’m enjoying the way she documents the process.

QuirkyChrissy—Chrissy is a Writer, Yogi, Gamer, Nail polish addict, Foodie who believes in magic. Check out her writing on her website.

Tattooed Yogi Mama—I describe her as a rainbow unicorn made of silly putty and her passion for yoga and self-expression is truly contagious. She also has really cool hair.

HighSierra1500—Alex Prince is a completely regular guy, and I appreciate his totally non-pretentious, no-frills approach to yoga. No man buns here.

Kidsyogastories—Giselle Shardlow writes kids books about yoga and says that she likes to get children learning, moving and having fun. It’s obvious from her photos!

Biggalyoga—Celebrating “a big woman’s yoga practice,” this account makes me want to cheer with joy because yoga is for all bodies!

AdamPolhemusyoga—Adam Polhemus is a Chicago Ashtangi and animal lover who documents his adventures in yoga and around his home city in a way that feels sincere and lighthearted. His mastery of his practice is evident, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also super cute.

Iamwongi—AJ Wong (Wongi) is a yoga teacher who splits his time between Southern California and South Florida. From his pictures, it’s obvious that he lives his life to the fullest and he’s also a great writer!

Amandaflowyo—Amanda White’s peaceful and joyful spirit always shines through in her pictures, which never fail to make me smile.

Persian Yogi—Razy Taraghi Talab’s graceful pictures of his poses in a variety of natural settings are really beautiful. This guy does yoga in snowy forests with very little clothing. Enough said.

DrayGardner—Dray Gardner is an African-American yoga teacher from Las Vegas, famous for his Silent Savasana classes. His smile is absolutely infectious and from his Instagram, this guy looks like a world of fun. One day I hope to go to one of his classes.

KaitlynWarneYogi—Kaitlyn Warne focuses on body positivity and loving the body you’re in. She’s a huge inspiration for me.

DianneBondyYoga—Dianne Bondy  is black and curvy and knows how beautiful she truly is. I love this woman, who describes herself as an “Activist, Trailblazer, Educator, Consciousness Shifter, Disruptor, Yoga Teacher and Writer.” She’s my she-ro.

Yoga_Teacher_Inspiration—Yoga Teacher Inspiration is exactly what it sounds like and an excellent resource for students and teachers alike.

CrazyCurvy_Yoga—Brittany Danielle’s most obvious feature is her gigantic smile, and her take on plus sized yoga as a mom of little kids brings a sense of humor and a tangible glee to her practice. I can really relate to this woman. She reminds me not to take myself so seriously all the time.

Elephant Journal—What? You didn’t know we were on Instagram too? Wait are you waiting for? Follow us for even more inspiration (because you can never have enough.)


Author: Victoria Fedden

Image: via elephant journal on Instagram

Editor: Catherine Monkman; Caitlin Oriel


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