June 18, 2016

Everyone on Youtube finds this Hilarious.

Everyone on YouTube finds this hilarious.

As someone who was dead broke and working hard for most of my life, and seeing my mom in the same situation, this is heartbreaking. The end is inspiring—the mention of “hope”—the hope of hope. May all politicians feel the effect of the weight of their work’s success or failure on the working woman and man.

And P.S. to hell with those in the one percent who want to pay less taxes.

That said, good on the police officer for being calm. Bad on him for not giving out a warning. And all over reddit there’s comments like this: “There was also a fair amount we didn’t see; we only got to see what that patrolman wanted us to see. According to the LEO I know, the officer was antagonizing the guy that was pulled over for a few minutes before he turned his camera on.”
“I’ve heard the video is somewhat disingenuous because it reality, the cop spent an amount of time riling the guy up so that he could have this reaction later.”

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