June 12, 2016

Hate is Killing Us.

orlando screen shot from News clip

Hate is killing us.

Over and over and over we are subjected to another mass shooting involving assault rifles and insanity. It doesn’t matter if this is terrorism inspired—it’s all terrorism.

Hate doesn’t sprout where common sense resides, it percolates out of madness, a byproduct of an overdose of fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of people who might be different, different, fear of God’s spite or fear of no God at all, fear of death and fear of life, fear of weakness, fear of bullies, fear of losing, fear of who we may become.

Fear of the future, fear of repeating the past, fear of hunger, fear of pain, fear of what does not exist.

Fear is killing us.

Fear and hate have killed at least 50 people in Orlando. There isn’t much known about the shooter at this point and it really doesn’t matter what his mental capacity was, because there is no reason for hate.

Hate isn’t reasonable.

Hate is insanity driven by fear. Hate cannot be understood since it is unleashed when a mind is overwhelmed with frantic madness. There is no point to be made with hate, because it does not come from reason or thoughtful process.

Hate is a reaction to fear.

Reactions are primal, they bypass the conscious aspect of the brain and come from the reptilian part of the brain. Strike first and maybe ask questions later. This is how spontaneous acts of aggression have spurred war and wounded or killed millions.

In Orlando, it was a nightclub where gay men frequented that was targeted. Many in the LGBT community face increased risks of violence and discrimination on a daily basis, from people who expect them to deny their very humanness. No one can take away a person’s humanness, instead our state of existence is threatened by our hatred for one another. This rage that is activated by unconscious, narcissistic, psychotic thinking is killing us, one, a dozen, fifty, a thousand, ten thousand at a time.

Hate is insanity driven by fear.

Hate will not be eliminated with more fear.

Hate cannot thrive in reason.

The way to protect our humanness is with more humanness. This means activating the conscious aspect of our brain while being aware of our fear triggers.

We are humans, with a reptilian self-protection mechanism. It is one reason we have remained a member of the food chain. However, this aspect of us can be coerced into eliminating our conscious reality. It can morph into a blob blocking out all light.

A fear and hate mongering blob is deprived of oxygen by conscious thinking.

When fear comes up in reaction to the deaths of the innocents in Orlando, recognize it for what it is. Then set about being conscious and thinking with reason.

Fear will not change anything. Fear is a hate activator.

If hatred comes up in reaction to the deaths of the innocents in Orlando, recognize it for what it is. Then set about being conscious and thinking with reason.

Hate will not change anything. Hate brings fear and fear brings hate. There is no solution in this repetitive reptilian behavior.

Hate is killing us.

It is humanness that will save us.

Donate blood in the name of the innocents who lost their lives at the hand of a fear-based man filled with hate. Send love through our cosmic link to the loved ones left behind, who are now lost in grief. Activate humanness by standing with every person threatened with fear and hate.

Stand in unifying humanness.

The path away from fear and hate is conscious-intentioned-humanness.

No one can take that from us.

It is who we are.






Author: Deb Locos

Image: screenshot from above video 

Editors: Renée Picard, Caitlin Oriel

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