June 3, 2016

New Moon in Gemini: The Grand Crossroads of Moving from a Black & White Life to Technicolor.

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*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!



The New Moon in Gemini on June 4th gives us an opportunity to look up in the heavens and see an intuitive glimpse of ourselves.

It will reveal something quite profound: we have reached an evolutionary crossroads.

With Gemini being an air sign, this crossroads asks us to evaluate how our unconscious black and white polarized thinking might have us stuck in a black/white life instead of technicolor.

The New Moon always opens a door for us to look into the unknown of our potential and grasp the larger possibility of our lives and starting something new. But first we must be willing to see into the darkness of the New Moon, which is the same as saying we must be willing to see into the darkness/unknown of ourselves.

And if we do, we can often let go of the things that are blocking us.

So what does the New Moon in Gemini ask us to see?

There’s a pressure building in the psyche of the world guiding us right now, imploring us to move into a holistic and perspective of ourselves and our role in healing the world.

We see this pressure all around us every day, in news headlines and world events.

This New Moon symbolizes choosing at the crossroads, unlike anything we’ve seen in a while.

One of the major opportunities this New Moon offers is a chance to find resolution with the parts of ourselves that are stuck in a battle with each other, resolution that can only come from a new enlightened use of the Gemini energy.

That’s because this New Moon has been invited sit right next to the Sun and Venus in Gemini while holding a charged meeting at a square table in the sky with Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces.

In Astrology this square table is a configuration called a Grand Cross in which these planets are all involved in angular relationships called oppositions and squares, which means the sort of conversations at this meeting are often rough going with a lot of arguing and stand offs, long before there’s a peace treaty.

Not only is this type of meeting happening in the sky, it’s happening inside of us.

So if we’ve been feeling some inner conflict, frustration, exhaustion and rumblings, this New Moon offers a shift.

But first we must understand that, though they may argue with each other, each planetary force at the square table has its own valid agenda. In fact, we must listen to each of these psychic forces if we want to make optimal choices at this Grand Crossroads.

That said, let’s do the rounds at this table by looking what each planet is asking of us right now, and then why the New Moon, Sun and Venus in Gemini are the perfect final authorities of balanced choice.

Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to look beyond the safety of what we believe to be true and tell ourselves inconvenient truths that may very well shatter our beliefs. And yes, from our diet to our yoga, we all can be stubborn without even knowing it.

Saturn begs us to ask ourselves questions like:

Where have we been lying to ourselves and hiding behind excuses to stay safe within status quo?

Where has staying safe become staying stuck? Why?

Are we living in an outmoded version of our truth?

In what ways do we need to take responsibility for the meaning of our life?

Saturn in Sagittarius definitely has taken his place at this crossroads table, offering us a chance to mature as co-creators by examining the part of us that may be stuck in a version of the truth that no longer serves us.

But what about Jupiter in Virgo?

Jupiter in Virgo asks us to become a more practical, whole and harmonious human being to prepare for the future growth in the bigger picture. We are asked to look at our lifestyle and let go of inefficiencies regarding our habits and routines.

Jupiter asks us:

What do we need to change so we can create new growth?

What habits no longer support our health and vitality?

What routines are no longer productive and furthering our goals?

These questions are answered through a practical inventory, rather a perfectionist one. In order to have the energy and resources to grow our next branches of potential, we are asked to examine what’s stealing nutrients from our roots, and weed that out.

Jupiter in Virgo has staked his claim at the crossroads table stating that living our Sagittarian Truth must be holistic, pragmatic, efficient and healing. Jupiter has big plans for us beyond this New Moon crossroads and we need a healthy lifestyle to pull them off so that our visions and dreams can become reality.

But what about Neptune in Pisces?

Neptune in Pisces brings a perspective of cosmic truth to this New Moon meeting. Neptune asks us to address anything in ourselves that isn’t in harmony with the mystical truth All is One.  

Mystical Neptune asks us:

Where in our lives have we rejected parts of ourselves or others as being separate from spirit/God/the universe.

Where are we stuck in the illusion of separateness, that is limiting us to hear our calling?

Where in our lives are we perceiving a situation or ourselves as if it’s not interconnected?

Neptune wants us to realize everything is spiritually connected. We are part of the whole in ways our human mind often can’t grasp, but our heart can. To stay open to Neptune’s wisdom is to stay open to the mystery of existence.

Taking into consideration what each of these Planets at the Grand Crossroads table offer, we now come to the focal point of the discussion: The New Moon, Sun and Venus in Gemini—each in exact alignment with each other in the sky.

A New Moon astronomically occurs when the Moon moves into the same plane of alignment with the Sun, so that we can’t see it because the Sun is behind the Moon, lighting its back side relative to our perspective on Earth.

This symbolizes that there is something from the dark unknown mystery of our potential being activated through Gemini. In order to utilize it, we must first deal with the shadow aspect of Gemini in ourselves. Once we do this we can find resolution with all the other planets involved in this Grand Cross.

Because Gemini is an air sign, related to the mind and how we communicate, this New Moon makes us look deeply at the shadow side of our polarized ways of thinking and communicating—such as: thinking and stating that things are black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, either/or.

The New Moon in Gemini reminds us that there is a particular violence that comes from thinking, communicating and relating to ourselves and others through the black/white lens.

Instead, this New Moon invites us to connect with the compassionate side of our heart and become curious about the unknown potential that exists beyond either/or approaches to life, while residing in the both/and nature of the universe.

With all the players at the Grand Cross table, the New Moon in Gemini is sandwiched between the sun and Venus and tells us:

We can tell ourselves inconvenient truths and still be a bad*ss, we can dislike parts of ourselves and still love them, we can disagree with another’s politics and still know they are part of the universe, we can be spiritually awake and financially wealthy, we can give a sh*t about others and have boundaries, we can be fearful and take the leap anyway, there are parts of ourselves that are known and unknown, we can recognize that we are both limited and limitless, we can be wounded and healed, we can be a warrior and lover, we can be messy and congruent.

Take a moment of stillness during this New Moon to see what parts of you are showing up at your Grand Crossroads.

Can you name them?

Where are you in conflict with yourself?

What will it take to create resolution?

Where are you thinking in either/or terms about your inner thoughts, patterns and choices? Is it true?

How does thinking this way keep you stuck in the conflict?

Keep in mind that the new beginnings offered by this New Moon aren’t likely to be found in our familiar strategies of reducing ourselves or this this dynamic world to simple black and white ideas.

The Gemini twins of this New Moon offer a different way to be with our duality—they’re saying dance in the technicolor of life. All it takes is: a beginner’s mind connected to a beginner’s heart, knowing that you’re already enough and a willingness to learn.

Want a new beginning?

Something new must come from new ideas, so choose something new and watch your life change. You’ve got this.


Author: Robert Ohotto

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr/Lisa Omarali 





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