June 28, 2016

Tourist Spontaneously Singing the National Anthem Will Give You Chills. {Video}

Star Swain Lincoln Memorial

Even in the face of all that has been brought against her people

Even in the face of the dangers

of being hung

of being enslaved

of being ignored

of being not-ignored and being whipped and beaten instead

of being stopped and frisked

Even in the face of

not enough books in school

not enough heat in the classrooms

not enough attention

paid to the mind,

to the heart,

to the soul

of all of her brothers,

and sisters

Even in the face of Black lives (don’t) Matter

and in the face of a young man dying in the back of a police van,

and in the face of a young man walking down the street with his hands up,

or with his hands around a toy gun

or in the face of a not-so-young man being killed for selling

one. single. cigarette.

Even in the face of all that

of all that has been handed to her

and all that has been refused to her.

She stands right there

and sings

Right there.

In front of Abraham Lincoln,

A white man

who understood.

She stands there

and sings about

The land of the free.

She rises above it all,

closes her eyes

lifts her voice

and joyously sings

Our National Anthem.

Star Swain Spontaneously Singing the National Anthem.

Singing starts at 0:42.

Author: Carmelene Siani

Image: video still

Editors: Ashleigh Hitchcock; Emily Bartran

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