June 14, 2016

Today is the Day to Claim the Life you Truly Deserve.

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Capture the magic of this life in the butterfly net of your heart. Let your smile grow wings and take you somewhere so stardust-beautiful that it’s utterly impossible to feel anything but this moment. 


One day, we get bored with the stale, humdrum sound of our own neurosis.

We grow exhausted of crawling around in the thick nest of darkness with our eyes closed.

We get tired of congratulating ourselves for our epic wounds and bitter bruises and sharp shards of battle-scar brokenness.

One day, we get tired of just “getting by” in a numb state of busy, busy, busy.

We get sick of sh*tty, half-hearted relationships and being a fraction of who we really are.

We grow exhausted of beating ourselves up, suffocating our vibrant voices like vines, swallowing down our truth like liquid shame and blindfolding ourselves to the breathtaking beauty of this life.

Maybe today is the day we yearn to break free. Could it be?

Oh, why yes—I think so.

And on this day—this wild and wickedly wonderful day—we see the slightest, crescent moon sliver of a new path emerging…

We’re ready to claim the life we really deserve.

We realize we’re done snuggling our pain so close, cozy and tight, every damn night. We’re realize that worry and fear and struggle don’t have to kidnap our joy. We see that there is so much more to life than misery, anxiety and our well-rehearsed, perfectly-worded sob stories.

We see that yes, there is worry and a slightly crushing amount of uncertainty contained within each passing moment—but the sky is so blue. The grass is so delightfully emerald green. The birds sing songs that are so soul-tingly sweet. The moon is so bright.

And on this day—this courageous and subtly-shifting day, this day of tender heart fire—we’re ready to wake the f*ck up from our tortured fantasy slumber.

This is the day.

We are ready for truth.

We are ready for perspective.

We are ready for heart.

We are ready for real.

The real.

We are ready to claim a new life. The life we really deserve. The luscious life that was always there underneath all the pain, but we just forgot how to claim it.

So claim it.

It’s not rocket science, it’s art.

It’s the pure art of being.

Do you hear it?

Breathe. Be here. Smile. Plunge into this moment and hear the raw sounds of your soul.

It’s time. Time to stop hiding in that familiar pool of pain, time to stop seducing demons and shadows like they’re the only things that will love us and make us feel pretty.

Shadows are beautiful and juicy, hell yeah—but so is light.

So is the mixed-media swirled combination of the two.

So is freedom.

So are you.

Ready for the life you really deserve?

Let’s go. Let’s traverse this winding road to everywhere.

It’s time?




Because sure, we can spend our whole life drowning in the pond scum muck of sh*t and delusion—frowning, lamenting, whining, feeling oh-so-sorry for ourselves, going on and on about how much we suck.


We can stand up.

We can stop pulling the victim card.

We can become art.

We can become truth.

We can become who we really are.

We can transcend and soar fiercely above it all.

We can claim the jewel of power that’s always been inside us, underneath it all.

We can become joy and blossoming lilacs and the sweet, subtle scent of wild honeysuckle in the summer breeze.

What is possible for us?

Really though, what isn’t?

Because enough is enough.

Enough with our gorgeous, published, embossed and bound sob story.

Enough with our cherished role of the very sad, martry-victim combo.

Enough with how hard it’s been—hell, life’s hard for everyone.

But life’s so much more than hard—it’s beautiful, too.

It’s divine, baby.

And so are you.

So maybe—

Maybe today is the day to open your eyes, to really open your eyes—and look. And leave that old, crusty sh*t behind; love it and sacrifice it to the full moon like seeds—and fly like the falcon soul you really are.

So put down those tear stained pages and tattered tissues and snot-covered fears.

Eviscerate the belief that you’re not worthy.

Stand the f*ck up like the brilliant beacon of light you are.

Run to love.

‘Cause you are love.

Step up.

In an entirely new way.

Step up for yourself. For your own heart. For the whole of humanity.

Claim the life you really deserve.

Grab life. Grab truth. Grab ahold of everything you are—

And let go, at the same time.

Taste the breeze like it’s your new best friend.

Smile like the stars could melt in your mouth.

This life, it can be extraordinary,

It can be magic woven with the most unexpected magnificence

It can be joy personified

Not perfect, but c’mon, why would we want that anyway?

Life can be better than glossy billboard perfection—it can be the juicy nectar of divinity.

It can be sacred.

But only if we let it.

So let it.

Pick the ripe berry of

This day

And devour it







Author: Sarah Harvey

Image: BrightStarPhoto21/Flickr

Editors: Nicole Cameron; Emily Bartran

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