June 15, 2016

We are Here to Learn: an 18-year-old’s Take on Truth, Trust & Never Being Kissed.

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I am only 18. I have so much growth, evolution and unknown ahead of me.

I believe we all have much to conquer, no matter our age or time spent here so far. Even with this perspective on life, I know I have yet to navigate some of my own pivotal tasks of growing into being in this human experience.

To give a small but mighty example, I have never kissed or been kissed.

As small as this is, it is a perfect example of how unsure each of us can be about ourselves and the future. There is a question Oprah asks many of her interviewees for her show, SuperSoul Sunday, that is often on my mind. She asks, “What do you know for sure?”

I know we are here to learn. And we have so much learning to do. Recently this has been overwhelming for me.

I am 18 and figuring it out as best as I can with the word “adult” now holding weight. I have so much to learn today, tomorrow—most likely eternally. I recognize that others may be feeling the same thing that I have lately. There is so much to learn, and I want to learn it all—as much as I can in this lifetime anyway.

I grew so overwhelmed by the intensity of work I have ahead of me recently that I lost myself and my sense of self—my clarity—for a good minute or two.

I cannot be lost though, because I am right here. I am right here: learning, growing, evolving, expanding, and doing my best as authentically as I can.

We are all learning. So why do we become so overwhelmed, scared, and doubtful of our own capability? I believe we signed up for this mess of an adventure.

Our souls were put here in understanding with some higher force of nature and trust in a divine plan. We came into this human life knowing our job was to learn, understanding it would not always be easy or fun. That it will only be as magic, abundant, and evolutionary as we choose to make it for ourselves.

We knew what this was going to be, at the core of ourselves. We volunteered for all this. Why are we surprised by how life presents itself to us at times? Maybe somewhere in our collective timeline we experienced a disconnection that caused a loss of knowing and trust in the process.

I think it is time we remember: I signed up for this. This is my challenge. I am here because I can conquer should I choose to. And I choose to.

I think it is time we remind ourselves, ground into our truth, and trust the process as our very essence did in embracing this life at this time, just before our birth. Remind ourselves by remaining open, flexible, and calm—by flowing with life, wherever it takes us.

I am 18 and have never kissed or been kissed. While I am well aware this is mainly due to my own choices, it concerns me. It is not a comfortable thing, but I am open to the lesson. I am open to whatever this situation is supposed to be for me and I flow with that space. I trust in the process because I know the process will teach me what I need and I trust in the unfolding of it all because I believe everything happens in perfect timing.

By avoiding a petty teenage relationship (my opinion, no offense or disrespect to anyone here) and not messing around, I have been able to explore the depths and truths of myself, for myself—before any others could alter my view of it. I have so far learned huge lessons from this exploration, from being with myself.

There is a time and space for everything.

I am a writer, and while I have learned and grown so much in the last eight months since claiming my work, I am still finding my own voice. I am just at the beginning. And while I believe I know who I am and what my purpose is today, I haven’t the faintest idea of who I will be tomorrow.

I am learning.

I am doing the best I can as authentically and intuitively as I can. As is anyone on their path in this lifetime. For all we know, we are always at the beginning. We have only been on this planet a fraction of its entire existence and we have only experienced a fraction of our own. We are doing the best we can with what we have. It is not easy.

We are hungry for understanding and yet we know hardly anything almost always. Life is exciting that way.

We are here to learn. And we are doing so beautifully.


Author: Riley Reign

Image: martinak15/ Flickr

Editors: Khara-Jade Warren; Katarina Tavčar


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