June 12, 2016

You Will Find Him when you Stop Looking. {Poetry}


You know he is out there, somewhere
the man you will love and who’ll love you back
You can smell his existence like smelling a nearby daisy field
but you just haven’t met him yet
You’re two accidents,
in different places,
waiting to happen
Didn’t you know that creating accidents is against the law?
Stop trying to create them,
let them happen on their own accord
Hurl yourself into your destiny,
because you will find him only when you stop looking for him
Someone should have told you that he too is looking for you
Love will find you both
and join you together like two continents colliding with one another
Until the collision happens,
focus on your pursuits,
your life
Enjoy thinking and planning for one,
as there will come a time you’ll think and plan for two
Don’t force it,
let it be,
impatience never served anyone well
I promise you the end is rewarding,
if only you stop looking for him
You will find him just like
he will
find you
Celebrate your here and now,
as he’ll become a part of them in no time
Let the universe flow,
and you’ll both flow towards each other
Let time be,
because you and him are meant to be
You will see.


Author: Elyane Youssef

Photo: Brian Mann/Unsplash

Editors: Caitlin Oriel; Yoli Ramazzina  

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Read 29 comments and reply

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