July 29, 2016

Choose the Red of our Common Heart. {Poem}

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I see red

the color of unity
of humanity
when we are cut or shot
our bodies bleed red
oozing dark and light
and every shade of red
from artery, vein or capillary
we all bleed the same way.

With every horrifying attack
the overpowering urge
to take a side: Blue or Black
pledging online, our allegiance
willingly blinding ourselves
to further denigrate and separate
you from me.

No more.

I choose the red
of our common heart
an acknowledgement
of our shared
oh so fragile life
the ability to die
ever present, ever near.

If we place our hands on our hearts
aliveness answers back
pumping life giving blood
a reminder—that heartbeat pounds in you,
pounds within us
as we are much more alike than different.

Feel the beat of life that flows between us
binding us together
when one of us dies from hate,
we rip out our own hearts.
Let us remember our common heart
and grieve, find hope and change the world together.

Ready, set and trust—I’m taking this leap of faith, will you?



**Author’s note: This poem is a followup to Two Words that can Change just about Everything  (In Lak’ech—I am another you.) Please join Parisa on Facebook Live one day after this poem has been published where she’ll read the poem and invite participants to share their thoughts. Check out Parisa’s Facebook timeline (Risa Vinzant) for details. Looking forward to hopefully connecting soon!



Two Words that can Change just about Everything


Author: Parisa Jade Vinzant

Image: Pixabay

Apprentice Editor: Josette Myers; Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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