July 4, 2016

Moon is Up: the Yoga of Trusting in the Universe. {Poetry}

Flickr/Mateus Lunardi Dutra: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mateusd/14427982340/

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and you’re waking up by yourself, wishing someone was next to you.

Because you were in different relationships in mostly perpetuity, you might have felt you really needed someone to make you happy. However, we are all wandering our own path, and it’s not anyone’s duty to make it a joyful journey but our own.

We are the ones who create our own well-being. Many times, however, we actually ignore what we’re feeling and tell ourselves we need to stay strong and go on. This ignorance causes tension in our body and anxiety in our mind.

Yoga teaches us how to listen more carefully to our body and to reconnect with our mind. Practicing yoga teaches us to become more flexible—literally and figuratively. Yoga helps us on our journey to find ourselves. Once we wander this path, our eyes will not only notice the beauty of life around us, but we will also feel more appreciation for our own body and the way life amplifies around it. We begin to feel a sense of inner peace and we realize we don’t need anyone else to access the gifts of life. This poem is about that experience: finding ourselves by receiving life and trusting the Universe that it will guide us on the right life path if we choose to listen.


Moon is up
Flex your feet
Heels on the ground
C’mon baby
Turn around


Sun is down
Lift your chest
Elbows point to the sky
Turn around
Lay down
Let life receive you


Stars shine bright
Stare at the ceiling
Let your thoughts be
Rest your eyes
Let your body arise


Clouds cross the sky
Flex your feet
Heels on the ground
Lift up
Touch the ceiling

Sun rises high
Flex your body
Hanging in the art
No more forcing
C’mon baby
Now that we found each other
We will never be apart


Author: Joni Hayen

Image: Flickr/Mateus Lunardi Dutra

Editors: Caitlin Oriel; Emily Bartran

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