July 19, 2016

When the World is Filled with Madness, Here’s how to Transform our Lives into Vehicles of Kindness.

be kind

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents elephant journal live.

In today’s elephant journal Facebook Live, Waylon gives tools to practice kindness in our daily lives—especially when the world seems to be going crazy on the news. How do we deal with the intense news? How can we heal our planet? How can we read the media so that we are not overwhelmed?

Reader’s comment:

“We are losing compassion for each other at an alarming rate, it’s heartbreaking.”

Waylon’s reply:

“We are and at the same time, compassion happens millions of moments all over the world in every town. You are right but we can’t believe that media is showing us everything. Look beyond the media. Negative news is highlighted. There’s a beautiful world out there. We have to take the responsibility. The media is reacting to what we, consumers, want.”

Quote of the day:

“We can exercise kindness in our daily life. More now than ever. The more suffering you see in your media feed, the more kind you can be. Kindness has to include yourself.”
~ Waylon Lewis 


Watch Walk the Talk Show video on slow media below.


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