August 13, 2016

Love, Defined: 200 Words of Pure Poetry.

Alena Getman at Flickr

Love Is…

Love is like leaning on the edge,
looking over a pool
wondering where the deep ends.

Love is like staring at the stars,
hoping you can catch them
in the palm of your hand.

Love is like a snake curling up your spine,
sending shivers through everything
its skin touches.

Love is like rainfall on a cloudy day;
“It falls for a reason,” you say.

Love is like a bright white light—
You can sense it.
You can feel it.
And occasionally,
your eyes get a glimpse.

When they do,
It is blinding.
It is mystifying.
It is divine.

And when it’s gone,
all you want is
for it to come back.

So we lean.
We stare.
We wrap the snake around our necks
and hear it sizzle.
We wear galoshes
through spring puddles.


If not for love,

our dreams would

fade into



We search for the white light.
We bottle moonlight
and save it for a rainy day.
Yet love eludes us
like the light in our jars.

I’ll tell you how to grasp it:
Let it free.
Let the light wisp away
and find another’s eyes.
Let your dreams fall into black
so another’s dreams will color.
Give love away from
the palm of your hand.

Because then you might jump,
and a star will fall
onto the tip of your outstretched thumb,
and the snake will kiss your ears.

The light of love
will elude you no more.
It is within you
for others to see.



On Chasing Love.


Author: Stacy Lee

Image: Alena Getman/Flickr

Apprentice Editor: Cori Carlo; Editor: Toby Israel


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