September 2, 2016

Let’s Talk about Anger Management (& Domestic Violence).

Anger is okay, acting it out is not okay.

Be forgiving about our own anger. We need to not harm others.

Anger is a powerful emotion that inspires us to move quickly in a heated way.

Anger can cloud reason and inspire stupid stuff and is what leads to war.

When we lose our temper there can be a lot of guilt (self-anger). Acting out anger is not knowing how to deal with frustration.

The best way to deal with anger is to pretend it’s a sun bleached, dead, dry, field. To transform our anger, we have to give it fertilizer, water and shade for month before we try and cultivate love.
Till the soil, meditate, exercise, catch yourself when you get to the red zone and breathe into the temper.

When we’re debating about any issue and we get angry, it doesn’t convince someone else. We can only convince someone through connection.

One moment of anger undoes the genuine connection we’ve built with someone else.

If you lose your mind, come back.

If you feel angry, make yourself feel like a dead piece of wood. Be still and don’t act our your anger.

Leave the room, not in anger, but out of not wanting to hurt the other person.

To get out of anger, start breathing. Take 2 ½ minutes to  leave or breathe into the anger. Breathing helps us be kind.

Breathe deeply into the black, hot fear-based energy.

“It’s impossible to be angry when eating a peach.” ~ Waylon Lewis

Exercise is a great tool for dealing with anger because it forces us to breathe.

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It’s good to breathe into our anger.

How to deal with anger in a productive way.

It helps to leave the room when we’re angry.

There are different types of anger.

Empathy is a wonderful destroyer of hate. It helps us be able to relax and express our emotions.

How to make your own almond milk.

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How anger and stress can burn out adrenals.

Ahisma is the practice of non-harming.

Anger is a perfectly human emotion. We need to be able to work skillfully with our anger so we don’t hurt others.

We need to take responsibility for our emotions.

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These are Waylon’s favorite Buddhist books.

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Gaslighting can make us feel trapped.

Gaslighting can be scary stuff.

If you’re experiencing domestic violence right now please feel empowered to call and get help: 1-800-799-7233.

Domestic violence is not good for the abuser either.

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