October 16, 2016

Aravanaith: City within the Trees. {Poem}



In that high forest of green,
celebrated in the vision of time,
harmony touches those who feel the wind of nature
that resides in the heart of all.
It soothes the troubled spirit
eternal in its memory
though only fleeting moments are spent
within its splendid grandeur.
Hear the distant melodies
floating on the wings of the velvet breeze;
Hear the secrets of days past
whispering faintly into your ears.
That magic pulsating in an element of green
where its life touches your soul,
sacred in nature.
Those fragrant scents
abound in a breath
misted in an aroma of time.
Those winds of love
touched just by being there,
a blessing felt surrounded by harmony,
eternal ancient songs risen
in the winds of love.
And a silent prayer whispered
by the ancient ones of the forest,
surrounding your leaden spirit
and lifting your torment & pain
as it is blown to the winds
and you can hear the cherubs singing your sad song
though you listen with detachment
for they have seized your sorrow
and allowed it to run through them
so that you may fully take pleasure
in the delicate brilliance of the lush forest.
And as you look
a unicorn rises the majesty of its mane.
It touches on the freedom within the forest
and those who live in it.
For harmony touches on those souls
a heartbeat at a time,
a miracle in nature’s eyes,
a dream found only once in a lifetime.
In the distance you can see
a herd of centaurs
held only a breath at a time.
And in all its radiance and glory
white light surrounds you and warms your soul
as you tread through the city
and allow your heart to shed all hatred and pain
until you begin to hear the stunning melody
too remarkable for the human ears to detect
and you find yourself adding your own harmony
without even parting your lips.
Celebrating a miracle of love,
completing that need that you’ve searched for
all of your life,
somehow you finally found it,
sweet home
city within the trees.




Author: Billy E. Whitehorn

Images: Flickr/Art Gallery ErgsArt

Editor: Travis May

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