October 18, 2016

If you’re Not Voting, my Cab Driver has something to Say to You.

Once in a blue moon
I take a cab. (I’m frugal. Sue me.)

But I was feeling wild after a day of mindless joy with some friends—sometimes we need some mindless to balance out the mindful—so into that speedy mode of transport I jumped.

And it was there that I got my October surprise.

Since the driver was listening to debate rehash, I asked him if he was voting. This is what he replied (this is paraphrased because I had no idea what was about to happen or I would have recorded the conversation),

“Yes. I am voting for Hillary Clinton. I moved here seven years ago. I am now a citizen and I registered to vote last month because it is important. I am Muslim. From a Muslim country. ISIS does not just kill here. They kill Muslims at home too. Not all Muslims are bad. I need to be able to stay to show people this. I work 16 hours a day in my cab. I listen all day. Hillary Clinton is the candidate who will help America, my new home. And I will wait in a line all Election Day day if I have to.”

And once in a blue moon I ask to shake the hand of my driver.


(I’d prefer you vote for Clinton.) But really, whichever way…please, just vote. We all need to feel this as personally and mindfully as my new, newly American, and unexpected friend.

We are, after all, all in this together.




Why our Country Needed Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton to run for President.


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