October 26, 2016

Into the Forest with Yoga.

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Sitting in the woods, I could hear nature scurrying around behind the scenes.

Branches crackling beneath the four-legged inhabitants. Water gently sliding from the withering leaves of fall. Birds chirping an orchestra of melodies.

Each sound caused me to pause and feel a layer of stillness underneath the subtle movements of life. It felt like the forest was in the most beautiful yoga pose—gracefully and deeply intentional.

I discovered a peaceful place to sit among the activities of nature. Light began streaming in behind the tall trunks of the trees, dancing on the forest floor. I sat in such a way that I could feel the heart of Mother Earth—calm, alert, forgiving. I felt her light dancing to awaken my heart. I observed the trees stretching with certainty and gently rustling their leaves to shake off the nonsense of the day.

When was the last time you wandered into the forest in order to be found?

How many breaths has it been since you connected to the subtle energies of your body?

Can you feel the gentleness of the earth supporting you along your way?

Are you able to observe the shapes of the natural world gently taking form in your own life?

Sitting in the stillness of the forest, my mind wandered towards the similarities between nature and yoga. Yoga, in Sanskrit, means to yoke or unite together. Sitting in the process of nature, I experienced union. Breathing in the cool morning air, I acknowledged my lungs inflating with possibilities. A smile gently perched upon my lips, and I reached for my journal to record this offering from nature:

Yoga delights in offering sacred expression.
This expression allows us to flourish in the vast caverns of self.
Each transition of our life becomes a pose of reflection.
As we embody the pose we embody the interrelatedness of all life.
A gentle moan escapes from our spirit—a spirit so curious about the relationship between nature and yoga.

As we gently stand at the energetic centers of our being, may we feel the invitation to turn inward and experience the significance of our interrelations.

Stepping into our foundation, we allow the old to fall away so that we may grow into our divine essence. We embody the insights of our ancestors and move forward with grace.

As we traverse our energy upwards we move into the belly of creation. We plant seeds of passion and revel in the beauty of creation. Each thought becomes a spark of possibility, pregnant with opportunity.

The sun streams into the forest and begins to awaken the core of beingness. As we radiate from the core of our divine essence we begin to animate authenticity in relationships—relationship to self and to others, kindness toward self and others.

Our hearts become the bridge. We delight in the journey upward as we remain rooted to the earth. We emerge from the cocoon of our hearts feeling blessed, trusting in love. Expressing as love.

Our lips declare words of universal truths. These truths emerge from the endless fields of our experiences. Owning the sacred landscapes as they have matured with us.

We climb to even higher regions of self. We envision and invite from a mountain top of clarity, all moments of life ushering us to this faithful and ever present reality.

We perch atop the highest energy center as we connect to the divine nature, to our divine nature.

As I gazed around the forest, I felt my energy alive and well. I leaned into sadness. I welcomed joy. I befriended anger. I was dazzled with magic.

As we wander into the woods of self, may we emerge with a clearer vision and more open hearts. May we seek union as we allow ourselves moments of reconnection.  

As you pause in this moment, how can the world around you offer reconnection? Gently peer into your life and invite possibilities. The sacred is all around—holding on, letting go.

Seek to know the melodies of your life. Enter the forest of your heart.

In love and light,



Author: Sarah Dickey

Image: Jenavieve/Flickr

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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