November 4, 2016

A Synchronized Meditation for a Bitter Election. {Partner}

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This is a post written by Elevate the Vote—an elephant partner. We’re honored to work with anyone who is this dedicated to mindful politics, meditation and peace in a divided country. ~ Ed.


How many people wish we could just light some sage, pray and make all the bitterness and political problems disappear?

Probably most of us!

As conscious practitioners, we understand that a personal spiritual practice combined with action is important to creating positive social change, yet many people are feeling disillusioned by the choices that this election cycle presents.

There is one thing that is certain about what we will need after November 8th, and that is inner peace, mental clarity and compassion for our fellow humans. That’s why Elevate the Vote, a grassroots, non-partisan campaign is organizing a synchronized meditation on November 8th. Here’s how and why you should get involved!

Elevate The Vote is asking us to make election day into a demonstration of the power of conscious intention through meditation. You can join one of hundreds of meditation flash mobs that will be happening at polling stations across the U.S. by visiting elevatethevote.com. If you can’t make it out to vote, or if you want to help raise the vibration of the U.S. election from anywhere else in the world, there’s a synchronized audio broadcast that you can listen to and meditate along with.

This election is charged with strong likes and dislikes for candidates depending on where one stands. This passion is powerful as it is born of a deep love whether for justice, for country, for planet, for peace, for safety and prosperity. If we are to forget the candidates for a moment and focus on our passion, our dreams, we would find that these dreams are the same as the dreams of those who we may oppose politically.

Imagine the energetic/psychic cloud all of this intense emotion is creating! Elevate the Vote wants to channel this passion into a powerful expression of love, compassion, and shared connectivity across political divides.

There is scientific evidence supporting the validity of synchronized meditation. Vladimir Vernadsky used the term “Noosphere” to describe the sphere of human thought as a distinct realm that shapes the physical world and thus the life forms that inhabit it. In Vernadsky‘s theory of how the earth develops, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere. With these ideas swirling through one’s head in contrast to the immense global problems we are facing, it is apparent that a “mind-shift” is in order.

We have the ability to bring about transformation and expand our notion of what is possible, but this will only happen when we begin to think collectively. The process starts within, and synchronized meditation supports us in elevating the field of consciousness.

We all know what it is like to walk into a room full of tension and anxiety—as pressure builds, we can feel the potential for violence to break out. Likewise, we know what it feels like to walk into a room that is filled with safety and love. These vibrations and emotions cannot be seen, yet they are contagious while contributing greatly to what is created within a given space.

When people consciously focus their mindful energy together simultaneously toward increasing the vibration for positive outcomes globally, we can alter outcomes.

This doesn’t mean that we are attempting to change the outcome of the election with a meditation, it means that we are going to change our own vibration to one of inner peace, mental clarity, and compassion. This is needed in a bitterly divided world regardless of who wins the upcoming election!

We can’t always bend reality to our favor, but with practice we can cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. The best way to heal the bitterness that this election season has brought us is to recognize that we share more in common than we disagree about. We share a common planet, the air, the water and a love for our relatives—and though we may have different ideas about how to manifest these ideas politically, we must remain connected to our own and each other’s humanness.

This is called compassion. 

Sometimes our differences take center stage, and we may all agree that has been the trend lately. We all need a vacation from politics sometimes, and the best place to reset is right inside ourselves.

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Here’s what Elevate the Vote is organising:

Our goal is to inspire 1,000+ locations to participate across the country. We will be broadcasting a synchronized audio meditation that people can access through their smart phone or they can choose to meditate in silence.

We do not support one specific candidate. We believe and trust in the evolution of the universe and of humanity. We trust that whoever wins is the next right step toward an enlightened society, even if we may experience personal or global resistance in the short run.

We know and believe that all sectors of society are transforming from the inside out, whether we see the expression or not, and trust that the political system of the United States will transform over time with our intention and action.

We experience and witness the consciousness movement growing daily and believe that we, as a collective, will one day be a force strong enough to actively influence the direction of our political system.

We are not mobilizing against anyone or anything. We are for the equal evolution of every person, system, country and being on the planet.

We meditate together as a global family to create the foundation from which our future will be created.

~ From the Elevate the Vote Website.


No government or election can do our spiritual work for us, this is something that we each cultivate within ourselves and bring to the world.

Let it be a random act of kindness, or even a friendly smile to someone who stands on the opposite side of the political aisle as you. It is human to human that we heal the divide, and meditation is a great tool for slowing us down, allowing us to be present and come from the heart.

Maybe you have already voted by mail, maybe you will be in a long line on election day, but wherever you are, please drop in and join us in this intention.

The meditation begins at 6pm EST, which is also 3pm PST (we turn our clocks back to standard time on Sunday before the election don’t forget). elevatethevote.com has an interactive platform where you can register and place yourself on the map for others to find you. There is an audio download if you enjoy guided meditations. You can organize with friends to all show up at the same public place like a meditation flash mob, or you can sit quietly alone under your favorite tree. The important part is that it is everyone, everywhere, together at the same moment holding a conscious intention for a more beautiful, peaceful, compassionate world.


Author: Jacob Devaney

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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