November 22, 2016

An Invitation to Shine Bright. {Poem}

Unsplash/Dimitri Ratushny

World Soul Anthem: A List of Loving Demands.

I want to let go

Of all that does not serve

The liberating light of my soul,

The bold beating of my heart

And the pure power of my spirit.


I want to escape

The illusory chains of yesterday,

The regrets,

The sorrows and hurts,

The fear and the playing small,

The leaving myself for last of all.


I want to stand tall,

Love like there’s no tomorrow,

Share like there’s no shortage

Of good to go around.

I want to cherish everything

Like it’s sacred and holy ground.


I want to explore and adventure,

And disregard the rules and lines

The world has drawn over time.

I want to be compassionate and kind

And find everything in this world

There is to find to open my mind even more my mind.


I’m so sick of the defeating grind,

The way we hide from ourselves

And each other,

Attack our own sisters and brothers,

Close off our hearts and minds,

Dull others and our own shine.


We’re so intent on looking in all the wrong places for some godly sign

That we’ve completely missed how

The stars,


And people have begun to align.


I want the whole f*cking Earth

To shine bright,

To collectively blush because it

Finally realizes that all is divine.

Everything interconnected in a way

That transcends our idea of mortal bloodlines.


I want to be a tidal wave of hope,

A tsunami of change,

A lighthouse in the dark,

A telescope that reflects the celestial globe,

A cheerleader for the fallen,

An understander of the misunderstood.


I want to wield a sword

That cuts through falsehood

And restores sainthood,

One that builds sisterhood

And brotherhood alike,

One that does not fight but builds paradise.


I want to talk about all that is

Wrong and that could be right

If looked at in a brand new light.

I want love to be the highlight,

Vulnerability, to be natural and forthright,

For the dark night to become warm daylight.


I want sight to be seen

With more than just eyesight,

For secrets to no longer be

Kept secret and locked up air-tight,

For everyone to unite

And be rational and polite.


I want to talk about the

Healing power of moonlight,

The therapeutic benefits of starlight and sunlight,

The stories and power of plant life—

Why we should cherish all f*cking life.


I want to set aside strife

And find others thinking

These same things as they shed

Tears of grief damn near every night,

Build star and soul tribes,

And call for a ceasefire in the ego gunfight.


I want my words to hit the world like a meteorite,

For immediate changes to sweep

Through entire countries and nations,

For everyone to drop their armor

And abandon not each other

But their battle stations.


I knows it’s a tall order

To want to re-arrange

The entire world order,

To bring calm to chaos and disorder,

To be a pioneer and explorer,

To turn horror into healing.


I know I’ve always been considered half-crazy

And deep feeling like that,

So to me it is not too far reaching

To think we could all stand as our own gurus

And as mutual masters in the arts of

Growing, loving, reaching and teaching.


This is my anthem

And soul song,

My wish for what is to come,

My dream for the future,

My list of loving demands—

This is where I stand.


Let love,



And acceptance

Be what leads us

To join our lands and hands.


Author: Amanda Dobby

Image: Unsplash/Dimitri Ratushny

Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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