November 22, 2016

Dear Hillary Voters. {Poem}

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Dear Hillary voters,
It was love that came
to wake you from your slumber,
to unshackle you.

As only love knows in her infinite wisdom,
She has untethered you—
released you
from a confining identity,
of being a follower,
a Democrat,
a victim.
For you are more than this—
much more.
You are free now.
Your feminine power is not bound
in ambition that deforests the earth,
mines her for endless profits,
leaving children destitute,
hungry, disfigured
empty of dreams.

Instead of rushing to replace
this manufactured identity with another:
Breathe deep.
Rest a while in this groundlessness,
this place of no reference points.
You’ve been broken open,
like a gentle mother
who has taken away the candy
that rots your teeth.

Love has come to
peel away
those stale images and illusions
of how you imagined things to be.
For these are the bars of your prison
that binds you to second-hand dreams.

You are not a cliché.
Love has come to wash you clean
of mundane fantasies.
Let grief cleanse you now.
This is not what you expected—
You are not your grief.
Nor are you your expectations.
Remember, no identity can encompass
that which is you.




Author: Nely Fernando

Image: Video Still

Editor: Travis May

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