November 16, 2016

How to be kinder to yourself. (Thanksgiving Special!)


Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Today Waylon talked about the importance of kindness, toward ourselves and others.

Plus, there was lots of chatter about dealing with difficult family members, differing opinions and political arguments, and how to handle all of that while sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Here are some of Waylon’s most beneficial quotes:

“We’re not making friends with ourselves just for ourselves. We’re making friends with ourselves so we can create less war and more peace, externally.”

“Take every opportunity to be patient in your own life.” 

“Speediness is a low level of stress that will make you tired all the time.”

“Being kind, to ourselves and to others, keeps us fundamentally young.”

“That’s what’s wonderful about family. Family is maybe the last area in the U.S. where we are forced to hang out with people who we might disagree with.”

“It’s hard to relate to people who in your opinion might be wrong or bigoted or whatever our views are of the opposite side. But there’s a real power to that, to kind of just agreeing to disagree. It’s a muscle that’s incredibly weak in America. It’s like the pinky finger of America.”




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