November 17, 2016

I got Fired & it was the Best Day of my Life.

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Most of us dread hearing our boss say, “Sorry, but we need to let you go.”

For me it was a day of celebration—one that changed the trajectory of my life forever.

The phone call came as no surprise to me. My boss asked me if I could meet him in a separate location from the actual business office. The location had become to be known as “fire zone.” So pulling up in the taxi and jumping out I just kept repeating the prayer that has always supported me:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” 

Even though I was expecting to be fired and even though I wanted to be fired, still my pulse rapidly quickened and my breath shortened. I paused for a moment, held my heart and then proceeded.

A month to the day earlier I had foreshadowed what was going to happen in my first ever clairvoyant moment. It was a dark and wet January day. As I left work, overworked and exhausted, a vision hit me. In that moment the vision revealed that my days were numbered and that I needed to live out my true calling soon. My whole body broke out in chills and sweats and I quickly dialed up my best friend to share the details. She said, “Whoa, I can feel it too.”

My boss said all these lovely things about how wonderful, talented and results-driven I was…and then he fired me.

I was off and out into the real world. As tears of joy ran down my face, I thought, “I am finally free.” Free to do whatever I want and free to actually chase after my dreams hard.

The thing with jobs is that most of us get stuck in positions at places we do not truly love. They we commit to a life of mediocrity. While there is actually nothing wrong with that, I knew that I wanted more. In the cab ride home that day I made a pact to myself that this would be the day I went for it. This would be the difference I needed in my life to really become the Malaine I always wanted to be but was too afraid of becoming.

In the days, weeks and months to come I was able to truly stand in my vision of starting my own company, Malaine Lea Inc. Getting fired taught me life lessons I otherwise would have likely avoided otherwise:

I learned the art of surrender.

Getting fired taught me how to surrender to the process and the flow of life. It taught that life is never really predictable and sustainability is an illusion. “Security” is an idea. We are not truly secure and may as well surrender to the universe, trusting we will be carried where we need to go.

I learned the art of action without attachment.

Getting fired put me into pure action mode. I started taking massive steps towards my vision. While my vision and intentions were pure and clear I was not attached to any outcome. The action allowed me to proceed without worry or doubt because I was cultivate and creating so much I knew in my heart something would fall into place.

I developed a strong connection to a higher power.

Getting fired gave me the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with a higher power, which I choose to call God. I would wake up every morning and say, “Today, God, I am trusting in your massive power, please help guide me and give me courage to walk through whatever may come my way.” The development and strengthen of this relationship got me through some pretty rough days that inevitable come when you are building your own business.

Getting fired pushed me to go after my dreams and goals—to thriving instead of just surviving. Sometimes we all just need a little push, right?

Where in your life has something that we normally see as terrible actually been a blessing? As Gabby Bernstein says in her book, The Universe has your Back, “We are not responsible for the things we see in life rather the way we perceive them.”

Two years later I am living in New Zealand, on the other side of the world! After traveling to 10 countries in 10 months, I fell in love with my soulmate in Auckland. All while building my own company that is empowering women globally to stand in their power while making a comfy six-figure salary.

Being proactive in our lives does not need to take getting fired or breaking up or losing something. We can be proactive by changing the way we view situations. We can be proactive by re-writing the story we tell ourselves—in which we can either be a victim or a hero.

“I got fired and it was the best day of my life” or “I got fired and it was the worst day of my life.” Same situation, different perspective. Choose the one that empowers and uplifts you, and then take action. Be the hero in your own story.


Author: Malaine Lea Schmid

Image: Youtube screenshot

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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