November 3, 2016

If Congress was your Co-Worker: Chris Pine and Joss Whedon Remind us to Vote in the Most Awesome way Possible.

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We’ve all rolled our eyes at the senseless partisan blocking of legislation, climate change deniers, and corporate payoffs that buy our Congress, but is it enough to make us show up for change at the polls?

Star Trek actor Chris Pine and Avengers director Joss Whedon are among the forces behind a funny and fabulous new digital skit, If Congress was your Co-Worker, that personifies a certain segment of Congress (you know the one) as “Leonard,” a pouting bully of a jerk whose antics in the workplace are…well, you’ll just have to see!

No need for a fancy intro, just watch—and then get out and make change in local, state, and national elections with the most powerful tool you’ve got: your vote!



Author: Amanda Christmann

Image: YouTube

Editor: Nicole Cameron


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