November 20, 2016

Neptune turns Direct; The Peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower.

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“I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you into my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky.” ~ Rumi

Sometimes things happen in such a way that it’s impossible…that it’s just coincidence.

In Buddhism, they call it auspicious coincidence.

Days blend into weeks…into months. We work, live, sleep, pray and somehow time moves without us.

We forget that we came here for a reason.

We forget that there’s a greater meaning to our lives than our paycheck and our bills—we forget that we came here to love.

Today, Neptune turns direct after having been retrograde for five months.

Neptune is often overlooked; it doesn’t have the reputation of Mercury or the love of Venus. It is the ruling planet for Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and the most loving. But this planet is named after the Roman God of the Sea, similar to Poseidon in Greek Mythology.

It’s the God of all that is deep, meaningful and often hidden from the surface.

For the last five months we have been living in a fog—even if it seems like we haven’t, it’s starting to seem that maybe we weren’t seeing things as clearly as we thought.

This is because in retrograde motion Neptune adds confusion to our head and hearts. We doubt, and worry—we create chaos from nothing, and then speculate at why things aren’t simpler. Think of it like the sea during the early morning hours; there always seem to be a low lingering fog dancing over the sleepy waves.

It’s this scene that we’ve been living in for the past few months, and of course when we can’t see where we are it’s also impossible to see where we want to be. So we’ve been in limbo, particularly in matters of our hearts.

And not only are we leaving the retrograde motion of one of our solar system’s largest planets, we also will be experiencing the peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower.

There is a deep significance of these meteor showers that it seems few discuss—there is a metaphor for all of us in the way that they streak across our sky falling to earth.

They have burn to be seen and to become beautiful.

It’s the connection of heaven and earth, as they enter our atmosphere and light up our night sky one last time before they fall to the ground.

These particles are traces from the comet Temple-Tuttle, sightings of this comet have gone as far back as 940 AD. An annual meteor shower may deposit 12-13 tons of particles across the entire planet.

But, there are no coincidences—if we believe to see, instead of seeing to believe then we have to have faith in a greater meaning for all of us and this life we are leading.

Tonight the moon is in Leo, the sign that loves taking center stage.

It’s represented by the lion, the king—or queen—of the jungle and an inspiring, creative, and rousingly sexual sign.

We have a meeting between the God of the Sea, the lion and a connection of heaven and earth.

There is nothing to fear, yet so often we talk ourselves into a frenzy over what could go wrong instead of actually making the choice to just see what could go right.

As flawed humans we have an uncanny ability to talk ourselves out of greatness, and to hide from ourselves out of the belief that we are only saving ourselves from heartache later on.

But what if something aligned within the cosmos that let us know that this time was different?

That we could trust what we were thinking and feeling because of that greater purpose we sometimes lose sight of. It doesn’t matter which God we chose to pray to, but it does matter if we have faith in something greater than ourselves.

The planets move each and every day, some would say that they are of no consequence to us or our small lives—yet, if they can change, and move the oceans in all of their mass, how do we think ourselves exempt from such an influence?

Whether we choose to believe in a God doesn’t actually define or decide whether such a being exists, and the same is true for astrology of any kind—just because we find it hard to believe these obscure planets are affecting our lives, doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

Today is a day for quiet, for sitting with ourselves and thinking the thoughts that seemed overwhelming possibly even only days ago. Life doesn’t wait on anyone, for anything and the truth is that if God brought it to you—it’s because it’s for you.

Not next month, or next year—but today.

Look at where you’ve come from today, think about how far you’ve travelled in the past few years and realize that it’s not about waiting to become ready but realizing you already are.

Just because you aren’t the person you want to be, doesn’t mean that you’re not the person you are meant to be in this moment.

While today is a time for quiet reflection, letting the fog clear from seas of our minds and going with the flow of the tides—tonight is the time for center stage.

We should never move forward without first reflecting back, not because we want to go that way but because we need to remember all the lessons that brought us to this point.

As the skies darken the moon will move into passionate Leo igniting the energy around us as the skies light up with the Leonid shower heightening and bringing to light our deepest desires and truths.

It’s not through a lens of escapism, or denial that we will be living through but instead our hearts center.

And maybe not only will we finally realize that everything happens for a reason, but that along everything was leading to this moment.

All we have to do is realize it’s finally here.

“Drop the veils of illusion. Lift the frequency of truth.” ~ Unknown

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