November 29, 2016

Sun in Ophiuchus: a Time for Healing. (November 29 to December 17.)

Derby Musuems

*Astrology is silly. But it can be mindful if it’s helpful. ~ Ed. 


The Zodiac was created approximately 2000 years ago.

Each sign is determined by the period that the sun rests in a particular constellation/Zodiac sign when it sets at the end of each day.

According to NASA, when the Zodiac signs were chosen, the sun appeared to move into 12 distinct signs but as the Earth’s orbit has altered, the sun no longer moves on the same ecliptic path. Therefore, the sun now sets in a different constellation and one of these is Ophiuchus. 

Ophiuchus, the son of Sun God Apollo stands on the zodiac belt situated between Scorpius  and Sagittarius. It is a controversial constellation as many Astrologers are still undecided as to whether it should take its place as a sign of the zodiac, meaning we would have 13 signs instead of 12.

The majority of Astronomers however, believe the constellation should be included, as Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, research scientist in astrophysics explains, “The Zodiac contains 14 constellations, not 12. The Sun, after leaving the constellation Scorpius, enters the constellation Ophiuchus. It then stays in Ophiuchus for a longer period of time than Scorpius.”

This subject matter is still up for debate with astrologers arguing that as they use celestial longitudes, the sun is actually in both Scorpius and Ophiuchus at the same time, so there would be consideration for renaming the eighth zodiac constellation Scorpius/Ophiuchus.

Regardless of the debate, there is no denying that the sun does pass annually through and rest in Orphiuchus between November 29 and December 18. During this period we will receive the energetic influence of the characteristics of this constellation.

Ophiuchus, is also known as Serpentarius, the serpent holder that represents ancient knowledge, shamans, mysticism, wisdom, tribes, resurrection, transformation and the embodiment of feminine energy. It is also a symbol of the desire to unravel life’s mysteries, originality, embracing uniqueness and refusing to water down to suit other’s demands or desires.

Greek mythology tells us that Aesculapius, a once mortal surgeon and medicine man, raised by Chiron the Centaur sits in the constellation Ophiuchus.

Chiron, the great wounded healer, mentored Aesculapius and taught him alternative healing practices so he quickly mastered the art of medicine.

Aesculapius became such a profound healer that none of his patients died and it is believed that he was able to bring the dead back to life.

Hades, God of Death, was not impressed with Aesculapius as it meant less people were entering his kingdom and he felt his underworld was in ruins, so he asked his brother Zeus to immortalize Aesculapius. This resulted in Aesculapius being hit with a thunderbolt, however Zeus later felt remorseful and placed him in Ophiuchus so that the opportunity to benefit from his healing wisdom would eternally live on.

Ophicuhus’ influence brings potent empowering energy that is a catalyst for dramatic revolution and rising up against the limitations of the current system.

In Ophiuchus we are witnessing the emergence of a once cast out energetic force, returning to inspire and motivate us to shine brightly regardless who or what tries to deny our inherent right to live aligned with our core beliefs.

This energy promotes a shift in humanity as it focuses on how those who are viewed as different or outside the norm are often isolated, and forced to comply with rules and regulations that do not resonate with them or the natural rhythm of life.

The sun in this constellation promotes integration and alchemy as the healing energy brings forward a yin and yang balance delivering calmness even when there is volatility between opposing groups. It is likely that we are about to witness unprecedented and critical change in areas that have been stagnant for many generations.

Although this seems as though Ophiuchus’ energy is rebellious, non-conformist and against social norms, it is far from the essence of the constellation. This is not Ophiuchus being against anything, despite it being subjected to thousands of years of rejection and persecution.

The meaning of the constellation translates to maintaining ancient beliefs, wisdom, knowledge and healing qualities so that they can be of benefit to current and future generations. It is about being allowed to exist without others placing sanctions and restrictions just because they live and believe differently.

Ophiuchus represents the desire to exist in harmony with Mother Nature and the freedom to align with our own moral code, rather than the restrictive ones that are written and governed by others.

People who have remained silent before will feel an unmistakable energetic pull so that they are compelled to emerge and passionately unite against the injustice of inequality, for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Those influenced by Ophiuchus’ energy are determined, conscious, heart-centered warriors who will battle to the end for humanitarian rights and justice for the underdog.

It signifies celebrating individuality while co-existing effortlessly and seamlessly. Ophiuchus also symbolizes the intention for fearless and peaceful solidarity particularly when confronted with aggressive and fierce opposition and suppression.

Ophiuchus dislikes materialism and man’s greed for money, power and control. It is wary of mankind’s ability to exploit and destroy nature in exchange for monetary value. It highlights the battles that occur between spirituality and ego-fuelled desires.

Ophiuchus’ darker side is closely related to Lilith and the Black Moon and illustrates the oppression that occurs when feminine, intuitive, sensitive forces are rising. There is nothing dark or sinister about Ophiuchus’ energy, however similar to what happened to Lilith, people are afraid and resentful when someone else is standing in their own power and honors and worships their sensuality, mysticism, inner values and their beliefs.

We will be witnessing how anyone who steps outside society’s limiting lines is condemned simply for expressing themselves and also how people support one another by coming together and peacefully opposing this.

Ophiuchus and Lilith blend together perfectly and their energies are going to be extremely influential in unveiling the forces that are trying to control those who solely want to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

Lilith is an inspirational example of feminine energy that seeks to be treated fairly and who is not afraid to stand for what she believes in—even if it means she is cast out, ostracized and isolated. Her mission is to promote equality, fairness, courage and most of all liberation from patriarchy at any cost, to align with her own morals and sanity as well as for the evolution of all living beings.

This Goddess empathisizes with the struggles of Ophiuchus, since she was cast from the Garden of Eden, simply for expressing the energy of her soul. Her presence reminds us of the wounds we’ve received due to rejection, abandonment or neglect of any form, so that we understand that when someone turns us away it is not a reflection of who we are as a person, it is a reflection of their own fear and limiting mindset.

Ophiuchus is seen in the sky to be holding a snake/serpent with both hands and the snake is also closely related to Lilith, as it is believed that she was the snake in the Garden of Eden that tried to awaken Eve. Lilith wanted Eve to embrace her feminine power and become aware of the way Adam was dominating her and how she was not regarded as equal to him.

Snakes are often the depiction of Kundalini, or life force energy, and the spiritual awakening or the expansion of consciousness. Snakes represent the potential for awareness, knowledge, transformational healing, acceptance, spiritual balance, self-acknowledgment, creation and the cycle of life.

Ophiuchus points to revolution and is known as the snake in the grass who many fear, however in ancient Greece the snake was worshipped and seen as a sacred symbol of healing, wisdom and resurrection. The staff and serpent are seen on ambulances and various medical institutes and is also the main part of the logo for the World Health Organization.

The snake is also an analogy for shedding old skin to make way for new.

During the next few weeks there may be constant change and the serpent is reminding us to remain grounded, balanced and alert, while gracefully moving through personal and external metamorphosis, adversities and disturbance.

Snakes have a heightened sense of awareness and are instantly able to sense danger.

We are being guided to remain flexible and in the present moment so that we can modify our path and choose alternative roads if trouble looms ahead.

Ophiuchus is known for magic, medicine, empathy, compassion, healing and intuition, similar to the characteristics of ancient tribes, such as the Native Americans, who have been persecuted and denied for many years, due to not sacrificing their way of life and slotting into the status quo.

Since becoming aware of the constellation of Ophiuchus we could have chosen to integrate it into our universe and celebrate its offerings (just like the Native Americans) but instead it has been largely rejected and there’s been a refusal to acknowledge it in the sky as well as in Astrology.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is Ophiuchus’ ruling planetoid and we will be feeling repair and healing where there has once been destruction. Ophiuchus lives in harmony and in tune with Mother Nature and heals the external by healing herself internally. We will begin to feel emotional, psychological and also physical wounds receiving powerful regenerative healing energy during this time as we bask in the medicinal energies in the sky that are currently illuminated and enhanced by the sun’s powerful rays.

When we absorb the universal energy that is being radiating and learn to master our own energy we can use it as a powerful and vital conduit through which we can heal our selves, humanity and our planet.

This energy encourages us to kickstart a new way of experiencing life that leads us to eliminate division and brings us closer toward unity and oneness with everything.

While the sun is in Ophiuchus we will be feeling energized, stronger, braver, empowered, confident, and determined to embody and embrace all of our characteristics and then use these qualities to support and stand by those who may benefit from them.

We are being reminded that despite powerful forces trying to separate, hide or destroy the truth, soon enough the opportunity to shine will arrive. Regardless of whether something is hidden or in full view, staying true to ourselves and our beliefs is what matters, and doing so with integrity and peace in our hearts and minds.

Considering the cosmic period we are about to enter, along with current plight of the Native Americans at Standing Rock, I can’t help feeling the significance of the sun in healing constellation Ophiuchus will be imperative in healing for the tribes who are currently peacefully trying to protect sacred land.

Royal star Antares sits just under Ophiuchus’ foot, please click here to see the influence of this star during this period.



Author: Alex Myles

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