November 9, 2016

Ten Ways I’m Staying Sane on November 9.

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Never been more stressed 

1. Relentless Optimism.

While we can’t choose our feelings, I believe we do have some manner of control over our thoughts. With each thought, we plant a seed. Positive thoughts will breed more positive thoughts. Negative thoughts will breed more negative thoughts. This morning, I’m unapologetically dismissive of any self-created negativity.

2. Loving-kindness Meditation. 

Here’s one I learned last weekend from the inimitable Joan Borysenko. She credited Karen Drucker (see #5) with creating this meditation.

May I be filled with loving-kindness.
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.

I begin with myself, then apply the loving-kindness meditation to my loved ones, to all those who suffer and live in fear, to our country, to Mrs. Clinton, and to our future president, Mr. Trump.

3. Separation of Powers.

I was never a big history buff, but I know enough to know that our founding fathers set up our system of government to protect us from tyranny. No American president’s power goes unchecked.

4. The New Hampshire Diner Lady.

This morning on NECN, a local news channel, I saw two older women being interviewed from a diner in New Hampshire. When asked for her reaction to Trump’s win, one woman said, “It’s time to find and polish the diamond inside of Mr. Trump.” I admit that it is relentlessly optimistic to believe that we all have diamonds on the inside (see #1).

5. Karen Drucker.

Karen Drucker is an artist who sings songs of positivity. Try “I Am So Blessed” or “Thank You for This Day.”

6. “The Rooms”—Seek Support.

I’m going to get to a meeting this week. There are a lot out there to choose from. Al-Anon. AA. NA. ACA. Here’s a link with more info. Take care of yourself first.

7. My Son.

I talked to my son about the election results this morning. Of course, I didn’t want to scare him. I gave him the softest version of events: that Senator Clinton lost. That Mr. Trump won. That we get to vote again in four years (see #8). I told him that our higher power is here with us and not going anywhere. He went back to playing Minecraft. I made breakfast. When I let him out of my arms this morning on his way to school, I whispered one word: kindness. While I can’t control what other people whisper into their children’s ears, I can control what I whisper into his.

8. 2020.

Warren-Obama. The Go High Platform. It begins today. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. For those of you out of the loop on this vision of progress and prosperity for all Americans, watch Mrs. Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech for a dose of inspiration medicine and then follow Senator Warren on Twitter, where she’s sure to have a lot to say over the next four years.

9. Shirts.

This one is hard to write and to hold onto, because it feels impossibly small, but good can come from impossibly small things. It happens every day. Here it is: I know people who voted for Trump who would give me the shirt off of their back. It is an impossibly small truth, but a truth nonetheless.

10. History.

History does repeat itself. But here’s the thing: if it can repeat evil, it can also repeat goodness, compassion, growth and hope. When you look to history to find your answers today, look at it all: the bad, the ugly and the good.

I dare not suggest that any or all of these will work for everyone living in fear and despair today. I am both vulnerable to and protected by my privilege. I live in a blue state. May we all be mindful this morning that our desire to help and heal does not grant us permission to lecture anyone else on their path to sanity. But we are granted permission to speak the truth of what heals us.

Namaste. Peace. Kindness.


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