November 21, 2016

There is Something She Wants to Tell You. {Poem}

cuddle, intimacy, couple, bedroom

Before you move on,
There is something she wants you to know.

Her love for you was real,
it was deep and hopeful,
full of soul and intensity.

She scratched away at the walls you built,
Because she wanted nothing more than to undress you,
And know all of you.

She loved you, and your demons,
She didn’t care about your past,
All she cared about was building your future.

She never left because her love for you was so deep,
She was patient.
Because, she had faith this love was strong enough,
To wait out even the darkest of storms.

She wanted her to be your favourite thing to wake up to in the mornings,
And for your arms to envelope her at night.
It was that easy,
But life, and love
Are never that easy.

Slowly you drifted away,
She could feel the distance in your voice.
She could see the distance in the way you no longer looked at her.

Forever she will wonder what changed,
How she went from your favourite breakfast,
And the women you could hardly keep your hands off
To a stranger, you couldn’t even look in the eyes.

She is trying to let go.
But before she lets you go,
Before she forgets you,
She wants you to know,

The hope and love she held for you,
Are things that will not easily be forgotten,
Even though all her heart wants,
Is to completely forget you.


Author: Kara Bezuko

Image: Amy Wilbanks/Flickr

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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