November 14, 2016

To our Daughters, on their Way. {Poem}

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Dear Daughter,
You’ve been growing in my belly for about forty weeks now.

Precious little fingers and toes mysteriously forming in my womb.
Your heart with its own rhythmic, life giving beat—growing strong in the warm darkness.

I’ve felt you wiggle and kick throughout your creation journey.

Knit together by Divine mystery and enchanted love;

you YOU, precious child, are fearfully and wonderfully made.

And I can’t wait to see your face,
to look into your eyes,
and introduce you to this vast, wild world.
There is a place for you here, Dear One.

Your tribe is waiting with excitement and sincere welcome.

The Earth is ready for your arrival.

You have a unique and sacred place among the people and trees and creatures.

There is a belonging that is waiting to greet you when you are ready to arrive;
I know that the decision to come out is a difficult one,
leaving the warm, safe confines of the nurturing womb
to enter a world unknown and so expansive.

I will not lie to you, my love,
there will be times that you will feel quite overwhelmed out here,
and your heart may be broken along the way.

You will experience fear and sorrow as you play and grow and journey
And, you will also experience boundless love,

and grace without condition.

You will be held and hemmed in by a collective nurturing that you won’t quite be able to fathom.

We are your people, your Daddy and I,
your refuge in the storms of life and your hearth where laughter and food and grace will always be available.

And when those moments arise when our refuge is not what is most needed
—perhaps when you are fifteen and need a respite from our parent-ness—
your Aunties and Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas, treasured friends,
and your sweet furry dog will be there to welcome you,
and comfort you.

Catch your tears,

listen to your stories,

and hold you in our stead.

Know most of all, my love,
that wherever I am, you are welcome there;
my heart is yours.

I am your Momma
and I am grateful beyond expression to walk this journey with you;

to frolic, play, cry, learn, be challenged, and grow with you.
Let me know when you are ready
and together with the Midwives and Doulah and Divine mystery
we will help you through the portal into this
beautiful world.

With all my love,
Your Mom


Author: Jenni Kay Long

Images: Pixoto/Skaiste Sky 

Editor: Erin Lawson 

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