November 11, 2016

What we have now is Potential. Potential for Change.

One of my childhood idols. This photo was on my wall as a boy, on 21st and Mapleton. It was on my wall at college. Today I biked past it in Boulder, Colorado. The look in his eyes…warriorship, and heartbreak. I know only a little how that feels, compared to him—but I feel it, we feel it, today. #SittingBull was an example of wisdom, courage and selflessness in the face of hate and power. Let us all pray and work and play and most of all serve the greater good together, now more than ever. Let’s start at home. Be kinder. Let’s start in our neighborhood—connect, host a potluck. Let’s start in our town or city—our state. Let’s do what we can, now. We’re heading into rough seas. Mr. Trump just appointed a hater of our environment to the head of the EPA transition team. It’s already starting. The wolves are in the henhouse. May Mr. Trump surprise us all and be kind, and just, and fair, and generous, and wise. Let him surround himself with good women and men, not alt-right haters with no respect for truth. Let us go beyond Instagram, and Facebook, and support independent journalism—fake news got us into this situation, siloizing ourselves on Facebook got us into this situation. Write on elephantjournal.com/submit—we’re here for you. Do what you can. I’ll do my part. Do more than you would have done had Hillary been elected. I’ll join you. Together, we’re stronger. And we need all the strength in the world—for the world—now. ~ #waylonlewis

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For every action, there is the potential for an equal and opposite reaction.

What we have now is potential. Potential for change.

Last night’s election and the preceding election cycle highlighted the fear, judgment, and intolerance that saturates our country.

People are afraid and looking to blame someone else.

Take this opportunity, take this massive potential for change, and use it to create momentum for actual change.

Start from the inside and radiate the change outward.

If we want an end to intolerance and hate, we have to shift those areas inside ourselves that lack tolerance and empathy.

Hate exists in all of us. Use it as potential—fuel—for change.

We can start by seeing the results of this election as an incredible opportunity to take direct and personal action.

We can use it to change our our way of being.

And then we can radiate that compassion and kindness outward—infusing our environment.

Allow the potential you are feeling to catalyze your determination to change.

Let’s start a movement, a militia for change. And let’s start with us.

Let us be the birth of a movement that highlights the power of kindness and the joy of collaboration.

Start today. Begin to increase your awareness. Where do you distance, judge or lack tolerance?

Here is a meditation that can be done anytime, moving or still:

Begin by taking a 30 second inventory of your current situation. Detail your sensations, feeling and thoughts.

Then see it you can allow yourself to feel begin differently. Let go of your resistance to change.

Remember times when you felt deep gratitude and let those memories expand into your body.

Start infusing your body with kindness and empathy.

Feel your goodness, your love and your compassion.

Allow it to blossom.

As it blossoms, let it radiate outward.

Infuse your environment.

Move and act from that place of universal love

Change the world from the inside out.


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Author: Jeff Sanders

Image: @elephantjournal on Instagram

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