November 3, 2016

Why the #Cubbies won & what that reminds me about how we can overcome bad stuff in our life.

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“I talk about this almost every single video. This is something I’m very passionate about.

I wrote a book about this, basically, Things I Would Like to Do with You, which is that loneliness is okay. That sadness is okay. It’s actually really good. It’s beautiful—like beautiful music can be sad or lonely.

Trying to get rid of it is not okay and is sort of a self-aggression. It’s kind to just be fearless and to say I am afraid, I’m sad, I’m lonely. And that’s where genuine fearlesses comes from, not from pushing it away. That’s what I call gated-community spirituality, where you push away anything unpleasant and you cling to anything good. And as all of you know from being 16 and being in love for the first time in high school, when you cling to something good, you ruin it. So just feel the love and let it go at the same time and it will keep flowing.” ~ Waylon Lewis



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