December 6, 2016

Adventure is a State of Mind. (Here’s How.)


Adventure is:

Getting in your car with no destination in mind—just the perfect playlist for that moment.

Starting your own business when you have no retirement or savings account.

Getting a tattoo with your best friend because you have an hour to kill before your flight.

Making eye contact and smiling at the stranger sitting next to you at the coffeeshop.

Walking around in a country so foreign you can’t say, “been there, done that.”

Getting lost. On purpose.

Telling someone how you feel.

Exploring a lover’s body for the first time.

Leaving behind all that’s familiar and moving to a new place.

Getting up on stage at open mic night with nothing rehearsed.

Letting your wonder and curiosity be your GPS, not Google maps.

Going to a fancy restaurant—all dressed up—by yourself.

Falling in love, getting married, buying a home and raising children. Or doing none of this.

Doing things before you feel ready.

Knowing that the sky isn’t your limit, it’s just your playground.

Saying f*ck yes to your one life.

Author: Karishma Chawla

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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