December 10, 2016

Before and After? Howwabout Reality and Public.

Photos: looks like Facebook and other social media technology companies have succeeded in killing Privacy.

Photographer Used Face Recognition Software To Find Public Pictures Of People He Photographed On The Subway.” (imgur.com)

Before and After? Howwabout Reality and Public: thanks to Social Media & Technology companies, you can now be recognized anywhere. Proof is weak on this, but in any case, it’s a matter of time before Facebook, Snapchat cooperate with government on tracking you or me down, any time, just about anywhere.

“The people did not react in any way,” said Egor, “although I was quite obviously photographing them.”

He put his photos into an app called FindFace to see if it could identify the people on Russia’s main social media site VKontakte. The app did VERY well.

He was easily able to identify 70% of the people he photographed.

Left: Reality, unprepared. Right: Tinder ready.


Russian Photographer’s Experiment Destroys the Illusion of Privacy

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