December 12, 2016

How do we trump Trump?

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Our Democracy is getting f*cked by Russians. Meanwhile, Elephant and 1000 other publications are forced to feed Facebook’s algorithm with Viral, Shallow articles in order to stay in business— F*ck you Z*ckerberg.

If you read one satisfying rant this week, let this be it.

Comey, breaking tradition, killed Hillary’s 6-8% lead only 12 days before election. Russian hacked and targeted Hillary (and a dozen key Congressional races) largely due to oil interests (involved Exxon) that Trump was friendly to, and Hillary not. And now we’ve inherited Trump—a man who lost by nearly 3 million popular votes. This is what the Founders warned about when they created the electoral college, ironically–in an effort to protect US from foreign interference in free and fair elections, and to protect us from demagogues.

This is worst than Grab ’em in the Pussygate. This is an entire country—we’ll see 1000 Standing Rocks, without victories for the People. We’re seeing voter suppression, unConstitutional overriding of a President’s right to get an up or down vote on his or her Surpreme Court justice appointment (first time in history as far as I know).

We’re seeing appointments to the most powerful offices of the land that read like something out of opposite day: a man who doesn’t believe in climate change, clean water or blue skies appointed to the head of the EPA. A man who doesn’t believe in the minimum wage appointed to head of Labor. A man who doesn’t want to be appointed “because I have no idea what I’m doing” appointed to head of Housing. A man straight out of Slytherin at the ear of our President-elect.

These next two years, I will be counting every minute until the mid-term elections. But I won’t be waiting. I hope you, with me, will do a lot more than write and comment on Facebook, where fake news festers, and Zuckerberg thus far does little or nothing. I hope you, with me, will do much more than twitter away against the daily hate and lies of @Trump, while Twitter does nothing about his legions of conspiracy-addled hate fans (I hereby acknowledge that many, many good people voted for Trump, too—because they care about GOP issues more than Trump).

I hope you, with me, and they, with us—will see that America is about more than might. We’re about right. We’re about empathy. We’re about being good, not just great. We’re already great. We’re great in our equality. We’re great in our recent leadership on climate change, belated as it is. We’re great in our innovation, and traditional accessibility to immigrants.

Donald J. Trump is, or will be, our President. Don’t fall for that well-intentioned #notmypresident garbage. He will be our President, and he will exercise his power. So we have to exercise ours. We have to get up off the couch, and do more than what we planned on doing had Hillary won.

Bernie stands with us. Others do, too. McCain and others on the GOP side are equally shocked and dismayed by Russia’s interference. But we need to stand up, ourselves. No one will save us, but us.

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