December 6, 2016

How to Truly Honour ourselves: A Practise for Women.

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Sisters, our bodies are temples.

As women, we should seek to never grant sanctuary to anyone who does not take the time to worship our deeper selves. Picasso once made a statement that he considered women to be either doormats or goddesses.

I, however, respectfully disagree.

We are, each one of us, goddesses.

We should each take a moment and allow that truth to penetrate the depths of our souls. We are each clothed in multi-hued robes call “skin” and crowned with hair of a thousand magnificent textures.

We are, each one of us, royal.

However, when we leave our cerebral palaces and the gilded gates of our physical kingdom unguarded, we risk the desecration of our sacred spaces. Scavengers descend, blasphemers gain entry and begin devouring our divine banquets. They gorge themselves with food meant for sanctified communion and slake their thirst with wine poured from our holy grails.

Some offer tithes called viruses. Some create life without any intention of nurturing it. Others simply leave pain and rejection after they dine, like dried bones decaying next to broken empty plates.

Daughters of creation, our bodies and minds are not halfway-houses. They were never designed to offer shelter to the aimless, the lost and the hungry. There are sanctuaries for those who find themselves is such situations, but our temples are not refuges of that nature.

Bear in mind that there should be requirements for anyone wishing to gain access beyond the consecrated walls of our inner sanctums. Those who gain admission must be blessed and highly favored. They should also prove themselves to be a devotee of our virtue and honor.

This is why the offering of time must be demanded by us. Only when that is given will we be able to observe and determine if someone is worthy to step past our hallowed thresholds.

Does the individual seeking entry bring donations of respect, trust and patience?

Do they worship at the temples of our bodies and minds without defiling them?  

Children of a thousand moons, it is our responsibility to remember our value and reclaim our divinity.

We need to set the gladiators whose names are “value” and “discretion” at the entrance of our sanctums. We should place the swords of “integrity” and “dignity” into their hands and trust that they will wield them wisely. No one shall pass them who does not first meditate upon our inner beauty. No one will be allowed to sample our portion who does not first acknowledge our noble lineage.

We should never dismiss these soldiers who have pledged their loyalty to guard our sacred spaces.

Without them, our shrines will be vandalized and the altars of our minds and bodies shall be overturned by heathens.

We each need to invoke our spirits and recall our sovereignty.  Only then will the foundations of our temples continue to uphold our self worth and its pillars shall remain anchored.

Goddesses, we need to remember who we are.


Author: Gail Figaro

Image: Flickr/UD misi

Editor: Erin Lawson

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