December 17, 2016

How to Use Kindness & Love to Conquer Fear & Hatred.


It all started when I pointed out to my hubby that there is so much fear and hate in the world right now.

I cried to him, “I hate it so much!”

He tactfully pointed out that I did indeed just say that, “I hated it.” And although he was pointing out the irony, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was simply adding to the hate in the world. I am a believer that the energy you send out is the energy you get back.

What is a gal supposed to do when she knows she must do something about all the anxiety and unease in the world?

If you are a fixer, you want to do something. You want to take action to address the unhappiness. I have been pondering and meditating on all my options and I think I came upon the answer—at least, the answer for me.

I stumbled across this article about the individual who, upon hearing fear based and homophobic comments from the table next to her, paid for their meal and left them a lovely note.

Think about how that situation would have been totally different if she chose to confront them instead of send them love. She could have really let them have it! She could have let them know how small minded and wrong they are. Think about all the negative chaos that could be swirling around at that moment. But she chose love. We can fight, just fight with love.

When perusing the web, overhearing conversations or having someone share the news with you, instead of feeling the fear and anger, why not choose love?

Send love and light to the ones that are saying the ugly things. Send love and light to the ones that are being unkind. Send it to the ones that really need it.

I used to think I should only send good thoughts to those I felt deserved it. And, yes, I did feel like I was the one that should decide who was worthy of good thoughts. I believed that somehow there was a limited supply and it might be used up on those who are causing the problem. Now I know there is no such thing and since love and forgiveness are infinite, why not share it with everyone?

What if when we think, feel or say how much we hate the haters, we are sending the exact kind of energy out that we so despise? Isn’t that defeating the purpose? Are we not then a part of the problem?

I believe that energy is either of a high or low vibration. It does not matter the topic; Bad juju is bad juju. Energy does not choose the good guys over the bad guys. Energy does not know our intention, no matter how good it may be.

If signing petitions and posting politically charged articles on Facebook is your thing, then by all means don’t stop. But let us remember that all this ugliness is coming from a place of fear. And fear and anger just create more of the same.

When Mother Teresa was asked if she would attend an anti-war demonstration, she refused. She did, however, show great interest in a pro-peace rally.

Let’s try to be as pro-peace as we possibly can.

And choose love.




Author: Kerry Corlis

Image: Wikicommons

Volunteer Editor: Julie Barr/Editor: Travis May

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