December 8, 2016

I Wish for you the most Precious Gift of All. {Poem}

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In every moment
we have the chance to decide.
Choose wisely, my dear friend, as it is endless and yet so finite.

I wish for you Time:
Time to feel the wind in your hair,
to hear the sound of laughter,
to see the softness of pink clouds,
to smell the earthy scent after a rainy thunderstorm.
For you to feel the sand between your toes and the touch of a soft breeze.

I wish for you Time:
Time to celebrate the gift you are to the world,
to find yourself and feel whole,
to fall in love with yourself first,
to be bursting with life.
For your eyes to twinkle like diamonds and for you to shine like the rising sun.

Time decides who we meet in life.
So I wish for you Time:
Time to live the book of love,
to feel the tenderness of a lover’s touch,
to courageously close a chapter when you are someone’s part-time or sometime.
Time for wounds to heal,
for you to turn the page to see which wonders of life wait ahead,
hand in hand.

We are all living this life for the first time.
So I wish for you Time:
Time to feel the tears on your cheeks,
to listen to the longing of your heart and its passionate roar,
to hear gentle words.
For you to have faith that everything will happen in its time.

I wish for you Time:
Time to slow down and let your body rest,
to wonder and grow,
to clear your head in a beautiful place,
to spend time in peaceful solitude.
For you to know that you are eternally safe.

I wish for you Time:
Time to travel the adventures of today,
to see places and take yet untraveled roads,
to dive in and enjoy the spectacular view,
to dance with beautiful souls and taste the sweetness of life.
For you to find your own spot of happiness in this world.

Time changes into seasons and years that pass.
Strangers become friends,
and moments turn into memories,
into stories of a lifetime.

From time to time, my dear friend, think of me—as I will think of you.


Author: Muriel Anna Johnston

Image: @ecofolks/Instagram

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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