December 15, 2016

She is a Storm: A Poem for Women of Magic & Mystery.


Emily Sams Illustration, with permission (https://www.instagram.com/ink.and.earth/)

She is a storm,
a pioneer
and a visionary.

Her eyes are
deep pools
of esoteric history.

They whisper
of tantalizing magic
secrets and mysteries.

They beckon you
to enter her secret
and sacred consistory.

Somehow they reflect
both heartfelt joy
and misunderstood misery.

They speak of
crippling defeats
abuse, deceits and trickery;

of allowing herself
to be used as nothing
more than an accessory.

But also hard won
and fought for victories
and bare naked authenticity.

She does not seek or follow
all that is shiny and glittery,
she’s hot on the trail of synchronicity.

Her featherlight touch will
leave you nervous
and jittery,

while your soul will
goad you into proceeding regardless
with an inquiry.

Her heart craves only simplicity
and it beats love into the world
like heavy artillery.

She inspires and elicits
changes in trajectory.

She can leave you with a
whiplash injury
if you dare be shady or slippery.

Her energy will make you wonder
if she’s of the earth or if she’s made
instead of far off places and witchery.

She will never
of which it might be—

it’s up to each one
who looks
what they will see.


Author: Amanda Dobby

Image: Instagram/Emily Sams

Editor: Erin Lawson

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Read 1 comment and reply

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