December 7, 2016

Venus in Aquarius: Let’s Break the Rules in the Name of Love.

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*Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“Break the rules more often and you’ll gain a huge advantage over those too afraid to risk it.”

~ laws of modern women

On Wednesday, December 7, Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius.

Every day planetary aspects may affect our emotional and mental wellbeing—yet, some movements are bigger than others or are amplified because of other alignments.

Today the planet of love makes a move into freedom.

It’s interesting that during the conclusion of a year of self-awareness and idealization we see a planetary movement into the independent, rebellious sign of Aquarius—actually after the year we’ve had, this is exactly what we all need.

Now is the time to break all the rules, because what better cause is there than to be a rebel for love?

In reality we can spend our lives living the expectations of others.

We can choose our partners based upon who our family and friends see us with. We can make these easy types of choices–the ones that complete the picture others want to create of our life.

We can decide to talk ourselves out of our dreams, and hope that someday they’ll disappear for good—all the while wishing that we didn’t feel them tugging at our soul.

But, we know what’s right for ourselves, no matter how much we try to make others happy.

We alone have the key to our happiness.

This has been a hard year for us, and while we are down to its last few weeks, we’re not necessarily meant to pass it in the peace of isolation.

Whether or not we consciously make things happen doesn’t mean that we can actually stop them from happening—sometimes it just depends on whether it’s going to be on our terms or someone else’s.

It’s been a long time coming for us to decide to make ourselves happy.

Just say f*ck it and run in the direction of your heart.

The time has come to break the lingering rules that society has demanded since your birth, because you are meant for so much more than someone else’s dreams.

This is actually your life and if you’re not living it the way you want, the only person to blame is yourself.

There are no shackles upon your wrists or chains on your ankles. You are not forced to follow any one storyline and no matter how difficult it seems, you always have a choice.

The thing is, the work has been done. You are not the same person you were in January, and now is the time you’re being challenged to see if you believe in all of the growth you’ve gone through.

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you’re worthy?

Or is it still easier to play by the rules of others so that you can blame them for your life choices instead of looking in the mirror and seeing where it is you have given your sacred power away.

From today until January 2, we will all be looking at these questions and how they relate to our own life and psyche. It’s a time for the unexpected, the nontraditional and the unique.

We’ve had enough of what we were supposed to—now is the time to crave something different.

It’s a moment of realizing that we’ve actually never been like anyone else all along—so why have we been following someone else’s map the whole time?

This might look like chaos to others, making sudden decisions that leave the heads of others spinning, but that’s just because they just won’t understand the underlying magic.

This is similar to the time a caterpillar spends in the cocoon—no one really knows what happens in there, yet when they come out, they are unrecognizable. Their beauty and freedom has changed them into something different than what anyone ever expected.

They defy the logical, the mundane and the explainable.

And now it’s our turn to break away from the known, and step into the magic of limitless possibilities.

Over the course of next month, we might suddenly change jobs or careers. We might become romantically involved with someone you thought was impossible and we’ll hopefully find ourselves abandoning our self-doubt with the faith that we’re simply destined for more.

We’ll realize that sometimes the only way to actually get what we want is to break the rules.

Maybe the rules are just to challenge us to show how hard we’re willing to work for the things that set our soul on fire.

It may be scary, but that’s only because it matters.

But no matter what or how hard or impossible it may seem, never be afraid of your wings, because even though they are new, they will surely work.


Author: Kate Rose

Image: wikipedia

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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