December 10, 2016

You will be Enough: a Poem for Those who Feel like they Never Measure Up.

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Show up for yourself—

whatever that looks like
for you
just as you are.
Let that be enough.

Don’t tell yourself
you need to be more
or have more
to get more
to chase your dreams
to live fully
to love with your heart wide open
to be deserving
to be passionate
to be worthy.

Let who you are
in this moment
surpass whatever ideas
you have
of who you should be
or need to be.

Nothing meant for you
will require from you
what you expect
and require from yourself.

You will be enough.

What will matter
is that you loved yourself
enough to show up
for life
for love
for receiving;

which sometimes starts
with giving
which requires you to believe
you are
and have something
of worth to give
to another
to the world
to the collective
to yourself.

Show up for yourself
whatever that looks like
for you
just as you are
and let that be enough—
just show up.



Tears & Butterfly Vision: a Poem for those who feel Broken.


Author: Amanda Dobby

Image: Instagram @illusiveelise

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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