January 17, 2017

Blessing the Hurt & Taking Flight. {Poem}

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I create a space

Deep inside

Where I can hide.

In my space

The moon is blue

And blood glitters.

The daggers

That slice hope

Until it bleeds

Cannot touch me,

As those dreams

I held dissolve into a sea of tar

Where nothing breathes.

The sun will not burn

Through these walls.

All my mirrors

Are cracked,

For the image I

knew is no longer true.

Yet safe in this space,

I strip my face

Until what I feel

Is no longer real.

Meaning grows

Wings and flies

Beyond my reach.

And my only wish,

To be free within,

Cannot suffocate me.




Author: Edith Lazenby

Image: Instagram/illusiveelise

Editor: Travis May


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