January 20, 2017

For the Ones who Love & Break & Love—Endlessly.

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One-Way Heart.

My heart—here, it is for you. Take it.

Come on, take it!

Okay, how about you just hold it for a while, see if you like it? If you can handle it. If it doesn’t freak you out too much that I would give you the most tender part of me.

Do you like it?

Oops, you dropped it. That’s okay, I’ll pick it up. It’s just a little dirty, bruised a bit. Here—I trust you. Take it again. See, not so bad, eh?

Uhh, you dropped it again. It’s fine.

What? Crying? Of course not. My allergies and all. One second…well, another bruise, a bit larger than the last, and there appears to be a tear. No matter. I have a bandage right here.

There. Good as new. Now, hold tight this time. Use both hands…

What are you doing? Don’t throw it in the air! It’s not funny! Stop laughi—you dropped it, again. And a kick for good measure.

Just stop.

No. I’ll get it. No, don’t bother.

Sorry? That’s it? You’re sorry? I give you this amazing thing and—no, you don’t deserve an explanation. I should have my head examined. This…this is mine. It beats for me. I was a fool to give it so easily. I was actually begging you to take it!


Next time will be different.

Hearts are to be traded—not given away like some silly trinket. Love is not a one-way street.

Look at you. Bruised, but still beautiful. Torn, but mended in time—and stronger for the trauma.

Yes, next time will certainly be different.


Author: William Knox

Image: Used with permission from @gypsieraleigh on Instagram

Editor: Toby Israel


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