January 26, 2017

Why we Should take Sex Advice from Gwyneth Paltrow. {Adult}

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Gwyneth Paltrow was recently in the news for the launch of new products in her GOOP line.

According to Katherine Timpf of National Review, we shouldn’t take medical advice (or sex advice) from her because “no one should want to be like her.”

Katherine seems extremely upset with Gwyneth’s choices on what her kids eat, how much she drinks, and the products she sells on her site.

While there isn’t a lot of research on many of her products yet, I know from personal experience the benefits of one tiny-but-mighty tool which Gwyneth advocates.

That tool is the jade (or yoni) egg, or, as Timpf calls it, a “crotch rock.” While I doubt Timpf meant it lovingly, I love that name, because yes, it’s a small, smooth stone you put in your vagina. And it rocks!

I’m not sure about Timpf’s sex life, but mine has been off the charts since I started using the jade egg. We’re talking mind-blowing, bed-rocking, soul-shaking, total-body ecstasy. It has brought me immense pleasure; it has also brought me and my boyfriend (now fiancé) even closer. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. My jade egg tells me otherwise.

Let me break it down for you: Jade eggs are ancient stones that were first used over 4,000 years ago in China. Empresses, courtesans, and female shamans used them to increase their personal feminine power, build up their “mojo,” and heal sexual trauma. Basically, they were utilized by women at the intersection of power, sexuality, and spirituality.

The egg is not used during intercourse, but rather as a regular practice for a few minutes a day, just like yoga.

As Timpf herself points out in her blog, Gwyneth’s range of jade eggs sold out within days. Timpf implies that the women buying them are idiots. I disagree. I think it’s because women are hungry for solutions. Solutions to sexual trauma. Solutions to dryness. Solutions to heavy, painful periods. Solutions to low libido. Ways to make the pain during sex stop so we can start enjoying it more. And jade eggs, in my experience, seem to provide these solutions.

Here are my three top benefits of jade eggs and why I think all women should rock them:

1. Better orgasms:

I rarely (like twice ever) had vaginal orgasms before using the jade egg. I could almost never climax from penetration only, which was both inconvenient and frustrating.

When I met my man, I knew how special he was, how much potential we had, and how badly I wanted our relationship to work. Yeah, I wanted it all. I wanted the sex to be amazing. I wanted to knock both of our socks off. I wanted to orgasm with ease and ecstasy. I wanted him to love being with me on every level.

But I was concerned about my old inhibitions.

Now, I consistently have orgasms within minutes of intercourse. No joke.

This is, in part, because the egg re-sensitizes the vaginal wall, making the G-spot and cervix more responsive to minor changes in pressure. Do you know how awesome it feels to not worry, “Will I be able to orgasm tonight? Will my partner be disappointed with me if I don’t? What if I take too long?” and instead to just have fun?

I’ll tell you: it’s priceless.

2. Increased wetness:

If you want to build moisture naturally, the jade egg is fantastic. While wetness has never been a problem for me, I’ve seen an uptick in it now, even when I’m not ovulating. The science behind why a jade egg helps with this is not clear, but I know that for many women (especially those going through menopause), dryness is a real issue. You’ll experience more natural lubrication right after using the jade egg, but more importantly, you’ll experience it throughout the day and especially during those times you really want a little extra juice.

Note: Because the jade egg builds heat and moisture, it’s not recommended to use if you have an existing yeast or bacterial infection. However, once these have been treated, using the jade egg may help prevent the return of these conditions.

According to Taoist practice, a jade egg balances and regulates the female system and releases stagnant energy, which is considered to be an underlying cause of infection.

3. Healing sexual trauma:

Not only did I rarely have vaginal orgasms, I often dreaded sex. I’d stay in the bathroom to pick at my skin, or stay up late working just to avoid the discomfort of disappointing my partner. I also avoided sex because it triggered me. It brought up memories and bodily sensations of trauma from many years prior. My body shut down in a post-traumatic freeze response and I either dissociated from my experience or had to push him away.

I once had a boyfriend yell at me while we were both naked and I was triggered by the lighting and time of day. “Why don’t you like sex!?” he shouted.

Words cannot describe how broken and unlovable I felt.

That was when I knew I needed to get help. I started going to somatic therapy (which I strongly recommend for survivors of abuse), and it helped tremendously. I began to heal on every level.

Yet, while therapy helped me to release a lot, there was a problem: my therapist wasn’t in my vagina. The jade egg took me through the final step. This powerful stone (and the specialized healing practices that go along with it) allowed me to reclaim my pleasure in ways I didn’t even know existed.

I finally felt whole. I finally felt safe. I finally felt my desire.

Maybe you aren’t convinced by me, or Gwyneth, or the thousands of women buying jade eggs like hotcakes online. Maybe you aren’t even convinced by the recent news specials on jade eggs.

That’s okay. I’m totally fine with you not being curious about this powerful tool.

But I felt it would be a disservice to women everywhere if I didn’t share my truth.

I know what it’s like to want to heal, to want amazing sex, to want lasting love, and to feel blocked in all of those areas. I know that sometimes I was willing to try things that seemed unconventional, like the jade egg.

And based on my huge capacity for pleasure now, and the deep, cosmic love I share with my fiancé, I’m glad I did.

Rock on, ladies!

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Author: Violet Lange

Images: Wikimedia Commons/ Author’s own

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

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