February 24, 2017

Each Astrological Sign has a specific Sex Style. {Adult}

**Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“Think of me as an uncharted map. I want your hands to explore every single city, town and village.” ~ Michael Faudet


Each astrological sign has their individual, unique sex style. 

The sun sign that each of us is born under determines many aspects of our personality and our inner psyche—but it also influences how we are in the bedroom.

Each sign is deliciously created to excel and play sexually in different ways and also for distinctive purposes.

The point of knowing your sex style isn’t to be boxed into an expectation, but rather to see which aspects fit—and perhaps which ones don’t. It’s about being able to own our innate sexuality regardless of style and to experience all that we can with full enjoyment—both in and out of the bedroom.

After all, regardless of how we package it up (or unwrap it), we should all start enjoying sex for the gift that it is.


Truly the dominatrix of the zodiac, you know what you want and exactly how you want it. You’re energetic, impulsive and purely insatiable when it comes to sex. “The more the better,” you always say. Even when you are in love, you tend to approach sex as if it’s something—or someone—that needs to be conquered. You make love, yet you still remain in control. There is probably a bit of hair pulling and maybe even blindfolds involved. Let yourself do what you do best—be in control.


Gentle and a bit slower than most of the zodiac signs, you tend to take your time in the bedroom. Generally speaking, even when highly aroused, you still tend to keep your wits about you, so usually there isn’t any over the top screaming or fetishes. You like to be in love and usually can climax without breaking a sweat. You might surprise your lover once in a while, but generally speaking, you are a bit more predictable in the bedroom—but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the job done. Let yourself do what you do best—take your time.


You keep your lover on their toes, sometimes to the extreme. You are wild, fun, creative and never ever approach sex the same way twice. You like to play during sex and enjoy all of the interesting ways that you can please your lover. Nothing is over the top for you. You’re just as likely to have a romantic evening in front of a fire as you are to dress up for some role playing. Sex is never boring with you, and you relish in that fact. Let yourself do what you do best—keep it spontaneous.


There are no one-night stands with you, as you like to connect both emotionally and physically during sex. It’s not enough to just get someone off; you want to know how they are feeling about you. You enjoy pleasing your lover almost more than you care about your own need to climax, because for you, knowing you’re satisfying them is the highest level of pleasure there is. You aren’t into quickies, but rather slow, rocking sex that lets you connect to the deepest parts of your lover. Let yourself do what you do best—connect with your lover.


You love to be the center of attention and bask in the affection and physical touch your lover gives to you. You’re unashamed of your nakedness and love knowing that you are turning on your lover simply by being your rowdy, rambunctious self. You tend to be loud during sex, so there will never be any guessing games as to whether you enjoy it or not. You are known for being passionate, and it’s your ability to shine so brightly that makes sex with you memorable for any partner. Let yourself do what you do best—be your crazy, wild passionate self.


You don’t just have sex for the sake of it. You like it well-planned out and guaranteed to be enjoyable. You aren’t really into mixing it up outside of the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be any fun and games—it just means that you like to know you are in your element, so you can perform your best. You’re a total perfectionist, so if a lover isn’t measuring up to your needs, you don’t have any problem moving on to someone who will. Let yourself do what you do best—keep it simple in order to keep it hot.


You like to be the one in control, on top and the only sight within your lover’s gaze. You know exactly what your best attributes are, and you have no problem showing them off to get the most out of any bedroom experience. You expect to be taken as passionately as your approach to sex is, and if you aren’t you have no problem asking for exactly what you want. You like verbal reinforcements during sex so you know that your lover is appreciating you for the sex god or goddess that you are. Let yourself do what you do best—pleasure your partner as richly as they do you.


Your fiercely independent nature allows you to dominate in sexual rendezvous. You don’t bother with faking it, because you take sex just as seriously as you do everything else, and you expect your partner to be able to step up their game if need be. You like to mix it up and will do whatever it takes to climax. You are adept at knowing exactly what buttons need to be massaged for that to happen, and you have no problem drawing a map for your lover if they are struggling. Let yourself do what you do best—take control.


Your independent nature means that you may have quite the list of past lovers—but who’s counting? It’s not that you want to sleep with the whole football (or cheerleading) team, but the fact is, if a lover can’t keep up with your needs, you feel no guilt in going elsewhere. You need more than just physical stimulation though in order to truly climax. You like to feel appreciated, to have your mental intellect stimulated and to feel like there is something unique about the person you’re with. Let yourself do what you do best—enjoy the entire act of sex.


You might look reserved and like you’re not into wild sex, but that’s only until you get comfortable with your partner. Sure, you might frequently enjoy traditional aspects of sex like being in the bedroom at night, but that doesn’t mean that the sex still won’t be amazing. You’re reliable, which means that your partner can expect to climax every time they are with you—you simply won’t settle for anything less. You might not be as creative as other signs but that doesn’t mean your partner will have anything to complain about either. Let yourself do what you do best—be the sure thing.


You accept everyone and everything. You might have a fetish or two or a few skeletons in your closet, but you’re proud of your sexual escapades and wouldn’t change a thing about them. You are inventive and willing to try anything new in the bedroom—whatever it takes from becoming too stagnant or expected. You like to make your lover happy, so even if they aren’t as experimental as you are, you have no problem switching it up for them. Let yourself do what you do best—show your lover what they were always missing.


Your mentality is, “Why just f*ck when you can make divine, conscious love?” Sex is an art form for you and you treat it as such—with the right partner. You tend to hide your greatest gifts from those you know intuitively won’t appreciate or benefit from them, so finding the right partner is key for you. You are mystical and an enchantress, every touch during sex is filled with your emotional feelings. You drown your lover in your desire and passion, yet they never complain. Let yourself do what you do best—be the one they never forget.


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