February 9, 2017

Lessons from the Full Moon.

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Whether Astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

Key events in the natural world have always been considered ominous.

We often look to the heavens for signs, guidance or even to predict the future. In particular, the full moon has often been a symbol of peace, potential and new beginnings.

The moon, and especially the full moon, has regularly been imbued with mystical powers and linked with esoteric practices. Of course, many of our beliefs about the moon’s sway over our lives have been diluted through our modern scientific perspective.

But even if we rationally understand the moon to be on a regular and predictable path through the sky, perhaps there is still wisdom to be found in looking to the heavens, as we’ve done for countless generations.

In these tumultuous modern times, when we’re perhaps not sure what normal is any more, I believe the full moon still offers us solace and important lessons.

The cyclical nature of the moon reminds me of the dynamic nature of the universe—that there’s an ebb and flow to everything in existence. For this reason, I often use the regular cycles of the moon as a useful, gentle reminder that nothing ever stays the same for long.

This fact can inspire us to live life to its fullest because we are either in a good place and should celebrate it or we’re in a challenging place and can look forward to things inevitably changing.

The full moon is often a time when we choose to set new goals—to start a new chapter in our lives and direct our energy toward it. During the full moon, it’s tempting to make lists of things we want to change, do and achieve. In the past, I’ve done this many times, often with the accompanying sense of panic that I have to achieve these goals soon or else I’ve failed.

But as the full moon approaches, I won’t be making any such lists, even though there are many things I’d like to change in my life.

Why am I not frantically scribbling down new targets and goals, and planning my route to achieving them?

First, I don’t want to grasp at the future. While it’s necessary and often joyful to plan ahead, it can be unhelpful to project into something that isn’t yet real or present.

Second, although the moon’s cycles are a useful reminder of the dynamic nature of things, it also reminds us of the many constants in our lives. We often crave what we don’t have and forget that there are countless things regularly conspiring to create our life experience—for example, our constant body processes and the cycles in nature which provide our nourishment.

Third, since things are forever moving, if we’re in a challenging place right now there’s scope for celebration, because things are sure to change, and perhaps they’ll change for the better. Rather than forming lists that could make us anxious about what we must have or achieve, it may be useful to sit in our present circumstances and know that this is just one moment in our lives.

And finally, every full moon is different, since we’ve changed since the last full moon. We can use this to remind ourselves that every moment is unique and precious—the full moon will come again but we’ll be someone else when it does.

So remember that although we may easily fall into thinking of our days as regular and routine, they each contain special moments which will never come again. Life is up and down, effortless and challenging, full of love and sorrow.

Accepting these dichotomies is the surest way to enjoy our ride through this wonderfully turbulent life.

Keep looking to the moon and know that nothing will ever be the same again.



Author: Gary Thomson

Image: Instagram @spinnerweb

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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