February 23, 2017

Love Life. {Poem}



Someone once told me

that words
were just letters on paper

they didn’t have meaning
suspended in air
like the smoke of a vapor

But if I asked you to put emphasis
on a particular word or two

those letters on paper
suddenly appear out of the blue

to actually have more than one meaning

Take the word love
in the following phrase

it can be used to express something
in two different ways

Don’t let your love life
affect how you love life

God spoke that sentence to me
to remind me


while romantic love
is important

life’s joys shouldn’t be shortened

based on the fact that true love
might be dormant

or temporarily inactive
rather than proactive in your life


in love there are ups and downs
twists and turns

Sometimes everything is good
and sometimes you learn

that sometimes you’re just an option
while other times you’re the only choice

Sometimes you stay quiet
sometimes you use your voice

Sometimes everything is bliss
and sometimes it all falls apart

But just as I mentioned in the phrase about love

what’s important is how happy
you are in this life

Not whether or not
he’ll ever make you his wife

Each day is a gift
a blessing from above

Each day new lessons
about peace and love

I’ve also learned to see words
as an expression of the truth

so I’ll shout to the roof

Don’t let your love life
affect how you love life

for we only get one life
to live

to give
to forgive

to love
and be loved

To experience life to the fullest
and surrender the tug of

war that wins battles in my mind
has me being unkind

toward the part of me that is

questioning love
searching for love

fiending for love
doing anything for love

But like The Supremes say

I need to stop
in the name of love

and repeat my new mantra over and over

while I go about my business
have fun and live life

Realize in the strife
that love is always around me

in my family
on my balcony

at my job or with friends

With my angels and God
who are with me till the end

So I thank Him for this reminder
that words not only have meaning

but they’ll help you find

a peace of mind
if you repeat over time

Don’t let your love life
affect how you love life

for you only have one life
to live




Author: Carrie King

Photo: Oakenroad/Flickr 

Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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