February 6, 2017

Transforming a Closed Door into a Portal of Opportunity. {Poem}

For the souls who doubt their intuition and the natural unfolding of life’s plan.

He walked out the front door,
light, blue eyes blazing
as he said his goodbye,
the last time I’d hear his voice;
the resounding thud
echoing in the foyer
as the door closed between
our disconnected, bruised
and bleeding souls.

I wanted him to go; I asked
him to go. I had enough
of the ongoing battle
between head and heart.
Logic and intuition.
Should and should not.

I gave my heart the reins
but my brain ambushed me.
You’ve made a mistake, it said.
Nobody will ever love you like he did.
What if he was the one?
What if you’ve ruined your life?

The doubt seized my every bone
and limb. Dragging me down;
drowning in thoughts
that were quickly moving water.
Cascading; rushing too fast to float.
So I sank.

But then I remembered to look up.
To see the infinite possibility all around
me. At every moment of every day.
I thought of the saying:
When one door closes, another door opens.
I reminded myself why that door closed
to begin with. There was a reason for it.
I knew it. My “Higher Self” knew it. My intuition
knew it better than any advice another soul
could give me. So I began to rise up
out of the watery depths of my mind.

That door closing was the opening
I never knew existed. It split
my heart open so the light
could enter. So I could be
my true, authentic self.
The closed door became
the portal to
fresh opportunities
that broke down my barricade
against change and growth.

The portal that led me to new
hazel eyes that make me
understand why the blue
ones were meant to leave.




Author: Molly Johnson

Image: Pixabay

Editor: Travis May

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