April 27, 2017

If You Love Her, Let Her be Free.

She enters your life like a hurricane, upending your plans and devastating your heart.

Before her, you never imagined forever, but now you can’t imagine forever without her.

You begin to see the world through new eyes as you look through hers. She sees the world with wonder, pausing to look at the bloomin flowers, noticing the scents in the breeze and laughing in delight at the new signs of spring.

She rolls down the hill and doesn’t care that she gets grass in her hair. She lies on the grass and sees the shapes in the clouds. She dances with abandon and doesn’t care if anyone is watching or not.

She is perfectly imperfect, not without her own story, her own battle scars. But she isn’t limited by her past and you gaze at her with awe, wondering how she maintained her pure soul through the fire.

You want her to be yours, completely and foreverbut—if you love her, let her be free.

Women like her are not the kind you can pluck and place in a garden. She is a wildflower who will bloom where she lands.

She is the butterfly who will land on your nose, but will eventually flit away. She may not wander far but she will need to stretch her wings. Let her soar.

She is a handful of sand—if you squeeze too tightly she will escape through your fingers. Hold her with an open hand.

You want to hide her away from the world because you know that she is magic.

She is not the type of woman you can tuck under your arm or place under your thumb. Her soul is a raging fire and will burn anything that stands in its way of fulfilling its purpose.

She won’t be tamed. She won’t be made docile. She won’t be molded into someone she is not just to make others comfortable.

Her spirit is like a homing pigeon—and when you become home to her, she will always find her way back to you. Let her fly.

Don’t try to cage her—she’ll never stay bound for long.

Let her spirit roam, her feet wander, and trust that her heart is yours.

She will wilt if you stifle herso—if you love her, let her be free.


Author: Lisa Vallejos
Image: Pixabay
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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Read 18 comments and reply

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