April 5, 2017

I’m Triggered: What we Learn when we Deep-Dive into our Roots.

The “I’m Triggered” web series shines a humorous light on various psychological modalities. It features two roommates, Donna and Leslie, who use different forms of psychological language to resolve their issues. The first “I’m Triggered” video went viral on Funny or Die. The series has over a half a million views to date.


Donna and Leslie explore the triggering nature of individuation in the latest episode of their web series “I’m Triggered.”

Donna and Leslie are roommates who use psychology speak to discuss triggering issues.

A big change occurs within the Donna and Leslie household: Leslie dyes her hair brown and, boy, some big “F” feelings rock the status quo.

Let’s face it, individuation is never easy. Donna and Leslie have been like sisters ever since they met at a cat café in Tokyo 12 years ago. When two people become enmeshed, it can lead to some co-dependent behaviors. And when one person in the dyad decides to take a solo journey, the homeostasis of the entire environment shifts.

Donna has deemed 2017 “The Year of Individuation,” and she sees Leslie’s act of dyeing her hair nearly the same color as hers as a direct affront to her bold intention. In fact, she finds it aggressive.

2016 left Leslie’s psyche feeling surprisingly fractured. Leslie has dedicated 2017 as “The Year Of Reclaiming My Ancestry.” Leslie’s first step was to dye her hair back to its original color to honor her Italian roots.

When we begin to individuate, it’s helpful to remember that we will be greeted by our growing edges. Fear not the “messy middle.” This is the time to call upon the tools you have been cultivating over your lifetime. And remember, the “messy middle” stage includes laughter!

Yours in community,

Donna and Leslie


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Author: Karen Forman & Nicole Dalton

Image: Youtube

Editor: Catherine Monkman


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