April 20, 2017

Love in the Dark.{Poem}

You might think that my poem is just like any other poem.

But I am here to tell you it’s different. This poem is about homophobia and the fact that two people of the same sex could only confess their love in the dark because when daylight hits them they receive shame, hatred, and homophobia.

I think it can help the people of the world expand their knowledge on how haunting and depressing it is to live in a world full of anger and shame. These people often have to hide their feelings from the general public because they are afraid of what others might think of them—which is devastating and disappointing.

I didn’t want to make my poem a happy one because I wanted it to reflect the current situation of our world and how some people are struggling every day of their lives confessing their love to another. I hope, through this, the world will get a glimpse that we should all be accepting of other people no matter what their sexual orientation.

I hope they get to see that same-sex love can be as powerful and magical and enchanting as “straight” love.

Love in the Dark.

New York was painted white all over
The lights were singing a tune
Everyone seemed to enjoy
And I, in the middle of the street,
Stood and paused at how magical this night was.

It was a wintry evening
Everybody was busy
Doing last-minute shopping for the holidays.
I put my coat on
Went out to buy a holiday drink from Starbucks.
I took my usual seat outside the coffee shop
Because it was more intimate and wonderful.

The first sip of hot caffeine
Made me all fuzzy and cozy
It made me remember all the wonderful,
Yet not-gonna-happen-again memories
with my family.
I felt a tear running down.
I forgot to bring my hankie
Until a figure sat beside me and offered one—
Gosh, who is this person?

I returned the cloth
And he said
“Take it. Remember this every time you feel not a single light can be found deep within.”
A few months ago I convinced myself
That I was going to drown in this bustling city
No friends
No everything.
But before my very eyes
Was a person who was sincere and kind.
Is that even possible?

I don’t know how to describe what happened after
It was a mixture of every feeling possible
That made all the angels and demons of the night
Sing at the same time
Which in turn sent vibrations and auras to the brightly
Speckled gold dust in the sky
That made them rejoice and dance
With happiness, joy, and euphoria.

He stood up.
It was time for him to leave
And end what we started that night.
He said a few words,
Bid goodbye,
And abruptly kissed me on the lips—
I almost died.
It was as if all the heartbeats throughout the galaxy
Stopped and twinkled at me
And an orchestra of stars
Went down and stood in front of me
To play the most chilling and heartbreaking
of all pieces.

It was the first timeI had ever been kissed.
The soft touch of his lips
Made every fibre of my soul
Shiver with excitement and nervousness
And transported a magical gold rhythm
Down to the deepest part of my being
Filling the darkest and ugliest parts of my soul.
In that instant
A new galaxy was formed within me
Consisting of newly polished planets and stars
I couldn’t wait to meet and live in.

I returned the gesture
With me kissing the softest and most crimson
Of all lips in the entire Milky Way galaxy.
When our lips touched
There was a string of connection,
An electrical charge,
A spark of electrons and protons,
A combination of the weirdest chemical bonds,
A deadly wattage,
An inexplicable combustion—
Or whatever you call it,
That made all the cells in our bodies
Connect and sing together
To form a tune
That could surpass every hate and despair the world held
For the connection we had.
It sent vibrations, ringings, and love
To the farthest and deepest corner
Of the universe.

That night was magical
I didn’t want it to end
I wish I could’ve stayed there forever,
In that bubble
Caressing and loving the man of my life
Until the last cell of body died.
But sadly
That couldn’t happen
For our love was only appropriate in the dark
And when exposed in the sun
It could die instantaneously.


Author: Joshua Go
Image: Author’s own; Bill Mill/Flickr
Editor: Lieselle Davidson

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